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Supporting men who are violent

A ground-breaking study shows that supporting male accused can help keep victims of domestic violence safer….

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Rotenberg does it again

Toronto’s Robert Rotenberg has produced another page-turner….

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Hello Nunavut II

The Globe and Mail series on Nunavut features, today, the lovely man who took me dog sledding just a few days ago! Read about it here….

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Graffiti wars

One of my all-time favourite books is John Berger’s Ways Of Seeing. I first read it in university and it has influenced me ever since….

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Food and conflict???

Why is food such a powerful force in communication and reconciliation? All good mediators know the answer, as this blog (and the many excellent comments!) explains………

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Where is the leadership from our politicians and from the graffiti community?

The recent deaths of three young men in Montreal should cause us all to re-think our attitudes about graffiti. Whether we like it or not, no one wants these kids to die. The tragic story of these deaths must surely haunt the Rob Fords of the world who vow to “clean up” graffiti. If only the world were so simple. …

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