Overview of Family Relations (3 of 3)

A mediator’s tool kit is made up of many things. How we ask questions, the language we use, and how we conceptualize our role as mediator are a big part of this…

Day Three of the Family Relations Course provides prospective family mediators and ADR professionals with an opportunity to explore various models of mediation, including Narrative, Transformative, and Therapeutic Family Mediation. Additional skills and strategies such as Motivational Interviewing are discussed to further expand on the prospective mediators’ toolkit.

Focusing on role play and class discussion, Day Three of the Family Relations course provides participants with the opportunity to reflect on the Family Relations Courses’ three days of training. Participants are provided time to try out new skills in a focused small group setting to enhance how they approach issues of Family Dynamics, Mental Health, and Client Narrative.

Day Three of the Family Relations course further explores special topics in mediation, including the importance of self-care. Self-reflective vs. Self-reflexive practice is also discussed. As a mediator or ADR professional these topics are instrumental in ensuring we provide the best process we can for our clients, and that as professionals we are focused, engaged, and present.


J. Norton (B&W) ®MCP (324x420)

Jared Norton is a Parenting Coordinator with Riverdale Mediation.  Jared seeks to help parents to develop co-parenting relationships and interactions which support the best interest of their children.  Working with co-parent’s strengths, Jared helps co-parents address potential risk factors and to enhance protective factors within the context of the child’s world.

Click here to read Jared’ complete bio and CV.

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