Overview of Family Relations (Part 1 of 3)

As mental health and family law professionals we know that every family we work with is unique. We also know that families are incredibly complex and dynamic systems…

How we understand and respond to a family’s uniqueness informs our mediations and other ADR processes at every stage – from intake to completion. Developing and expanding on our skills of analysis allows for richer conversations, deeper connection, and more tailored interventions.

The Family Relations Course is designed to provide non-mental health professionals with additional skills and knowledge to analyze and work with a family’s uniqueness, and to understand their complexities which may be contributing to their conflict.

Day one of the course examines how families are changing and evolving. We as professionals can benefit from increased awareness and sensitivity to what this means for our clients and how this meaning may impact their preferred outcomes. Day One also expands on the concepts of Family Dynamics and Family Systems Theory, and examines how a Family Systems approach to intake and mediation can yield necessary information which can enhance your process and expand ones’ understanding of the conflict. Topics such as attachment theory, child development, the impact of separation and divorce on children, and parenting styles are also explored.


J. Norton (B&W) ®MCP (324x420)

Jared Norton is a Parenting Coordinator with Riverdale Mediation.  Jared seeks to help parents to develop co-parenting relationships and interactions which support the best interest of their children.  Working with co-parent’s strengths, Jared helps co-parents address potential risk factors and to enhance protective factors within the context of the child’s world.

Click here to read Jared’ complete bio and CV.

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