Overview of Family Relations (Part 2 of 3)

Mental health and mental wellness can be primary factors in relational issues and conflict, and how it is expressed. Aspects of mental health also impact upon how parties engage and participate in mediation and other ADR processes…

The Family Relations course is designed to provide non-mental health ADR practitioners with additional training in understanding and working with these issues.

Day Two of the Family Relations explores the difference between mental health and mental wellness, and examines the complex and often highly personalized experience of mental health issues. This understanding allows practitioners to connect with clients on a more personal and respectful level, and can enhance both engagement and effectiveness within the mediation process.

Day Two continues to examine issues of suicide and grief, and begins to look at skills necessary to work with difficult emotions. Additional focus is given to understanding and unpacking client narratives, and appreciating how each divorce is unique and experienced differently. Challenging topics such as stepfamilies and the roles of new partners are explored in a narrative and family systems context, and prospective mediators are given the opportunity to develop active listening skills and identifying mental health related issues at intake and in mediation.


J. Norton (B&W) ®MCP (324x420)

Jared Norton is a Parenting Coordinator with Riverdale Mediation.  Jared seeks to help parents to develop co-parenting relationships and interactions which support the best interest of their children.  Working with co-parent’s strengths, Jared helps co-parents address potential risk factors and to enhance protective factors within the context of the child’s world.

Click here to read Jared’ complete bio and CV.

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