About Us

Who are we?

Group Shot - 160628Riverdale Mediation is an association of two lawyers and a social worker. We are mediators, arbitrators, trainers and parenting coordinators. Hilary Linton started the business in 2001 after litigating family and civil cases for 14 years. Our team includes Elizabeth Hyde, and Jared Norton. We work closely with lawyers and their clients to provide effective and satisfactory settlement and arbitration processes. We work collaboratively with a diverse array of ADR professionals across the country to create and deliver intelligent, interactive, high-quality mediation and arbitration courses. And through our “mediation roster” we offer a comprehensive internship program that gives clients the benefit of co-mediation and helps train the next generation of skilled family mediators.

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What do we do?

Riverdale Mediation - Mediator TeamWe know that most people want to resolve their conflicts fairly, effectively and efficiently.

At Riverdale Mediation we believe in empowering people and organizations to resolve their own conflicts or disputes, at the lowest cost and in the most satisfactory way possible.

The mediators, facilitators and trainers who work with Riverdale Mediation have years of experience designing and providing practical, effective and affordable processes for helping people and organizations resolve their own conflicts. We work with you to design the best process to solve the problem: be it facilitated meetings, mediation, conferencing, neutral evaluation, arbitration, or any combination of these. Our highly acclaimed courses are all designed to meet any relevant accreditation criteria, and also to provide strong value, skills and experience.

Our services include:

  • Conflict analysis – to help people better understand the dynamics of their conflict
  • Process design – to help ensure that the process being used meets the needs of the parties
  • Expert planning and facilitation of small and large meetings
  • Experienced mediation services — to resolve disputes arising from divorce and separation, family disagreements, community disputes, business and employment disputes, education-related conflict, among others.
  • Family mediation-arbitration processes
  • Dispute resolution coordination/monitoring services: in family law (parenting coordination) and in other on-going high conflict situations.

Our teaching and training services include:

Small and large group presentations and courses in:

  • Conflict analysis
  • Negotiation theory and skills
  • Mediation theory and skills
  • Power imbalances and violence in dispute resolution
  • Family law for mental health professionals, among others
  • One-on-one dispute resolution coaching for individuals and organizations