Although family mediation is technically an unregulated profession, most successful mediators voluntarily seek to be accredited by one of the organizations that provide such designations.

All designations require specified training (which we provide) and specified experience. Riverdale Mediation’s Internship Program has provided many dozens of student family mediators the opportunity to gain such experience.

Our formal program accepts qualified students who we believe are best suited to our firm’s approach and principles. We usually have between 5-8 interns of varying personal and professional backgrounds at any given time. This allows Riverdale, and our sister company mediate393 inc., which provides free and subsidized mediation services in Toronto, to assign interns on most cases.

Recent Testimonial from our internship program:

“I wanted to thank both of you for your support and guidance throughout my internship with Riverdale/mediate393. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the roster mediators, including both of you (Hilary Linton & Elizabeth Hyde), for the past 9 months. The experience and knowledge I have gained from this internship had prepared me to venture out into mediation field. I am extremely enthusiastic about family mediation and look forward to the next stage of my career. Thank you again.”
– Breanne Becker, 2015 intern

Below is a list of our current & past interns:



Katherine Batycky
Diane Coulthard
Neelam Dhall
Noor Haddad
Michelle Wexler



Julie Amourgis
James “Jim” Fitch
Rashell Freedman
Martha Heder
Devorah Jones
Gilead Kay
Lindsay Kertland
Carolyn Leach
Pamela Perlis
Darlene Rites
Robyn Switzer
Danielle Turk



Breanne Becker
Hayley Ghaholt
Sina Hariri
Anthony Macri
Marina Mammon
Margarida Pacheco
Bill Rogers
Robert Sawyer
Borzou Tabrizi
Brook Thondycraft
Henry Vanderkuyt
Michelle Walton
Andrea Watt
Yoel Lichtblau



Steven Benmor
Carol Bysouth
Lorna A. George
Nazeema Kassam
Zahra Khadri
Ashley Lattal
Archana Medhekar
Joanne Schaefer
Deborah Stewart
Joelle Therriault
Diane Wagner



Jane C. Demaray
Linda Ennis
Robyn Hurley
Fareen Jamal
Karen Lindsay-Skynner
Meysa Maleki
Sue Paterson
Todd Slonim
Jaclyn Strimas
Veronica Van Dam
Liz Waisberg



Tahereh Barati
Gregg Fenten
Robyn Hurley
Lisa Laborde
Mary Joseph
Nicole Stewart-Kamanga
Judith Laxer
Heather MacInnis
Angela Pickard
Terri Sands
Richard Teicher



Joel Skapinker



Monika Curyk
Elizabeth Hyde
Michelle Roy
Regina Thompson



Paul Brown
Laura Gray
Susan Jack
Kim James
Madam Justice Victoria Starr



Andrea Himel
Trish Thomas



Catherine Davison