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Who Are We?

Riverdale Mediation is an association of two lawyers and a social worker. We are mediators, arbitrators, trainers and parenting coordinators. Hilary Linton started the business in 2001 after leaving her law partnership to specialize in dispute resolution. Our team includes Elizabeth Hyde, also a former family litigator, and Jared Norton, who has a Masters in Social Work and a clinical background. We work closely with our clients, and often with counsel, to provide effective settlement and arbitration processes.

We work collaboratively with a diverse array of ADR professionals across the country to create and deliver intelligent, interactive, high-quality arbitration and mediation courses.

And we offer a comprehensive internship program that gives clients the benefit of co-mediation and helps train the next generation of skilled family mediators.

Our Services

Our team of experienced and accredited family mediators provides a wide range of dispute resolution services. We offer mediation, parenting coordination and arbitration; and co-mediation and co-arbitration (with a lawyer and a social worker).

Hilary Linton

J.D., LL.M., FDRP. Med- Certified Specialist in Family Mediation, Acc. FM., Cert. F. Med.

Hilary Linton is a Toronto lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and teacher. After litigating family and civil disputes for 14 years, she started Riverdale Mediation which is internationally recognized for high quality dispute resolution services and innovative ADR training.

Elizabeth Hyde

B.Ed., LL.M., Acc. FM

Elizabeth Hyde is the Principal of Medius Dispute Resolutions, the Executive Director of mediate393 inc. and an associated mediator, arbitrator and parenting coordinator with Riverdale Mediation Ltd.

Jared Norton

M.S.W., RSW.

Jared Norton is a Parenting Coordinator and Mediator with Riverdale Mediation. A registered social worker and an accredited family mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, Jared is also a roster mediator with Mediate393 inc., and an Information and Referral Coordinator.