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What is Family Law Dispute Resolution? (Infographic)

Alternative dispute resolution is becoming an increasingly popular choice for families going through separation and divorce. But what is it, exactly, that distinguishes family law dispute resolution from traditional family law processes? Before settling on a process option for yourself or your client, you will want to consider the elements of all good family law dispute resolution processes. For this …

The Role of Lawyers in “The Perfect Mediation”

Tips for Lawyers When Working with a Mediator In his column in the linked issue of The Professional Family Mediator, Chip Rose writes about the idea of “The Perfect Mediation.” As a highly experienced mediator, Mr. Rose acknowledges that a “perfect” mediation is obviously very subjective. But, relating the story of a recent case he mediated, Rose illustrates what a …

A (Short) Guide to Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation for ADR Professionals

Many of us here in Canada have likely experienced an onslaught of “consent request” emails in the last few months. “In order to respect the new Canadian anti-spam legislation,” they say, “we ask you to confirm your consent.” The Canadian anti-spam legislation (CASL) comes into effect July 1st, 2014. So what exactly does this legislation entail, and what does “consent” …