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UK Parenting Coordination (PC)

It was back in 2016 that London England based Family Law in Partnership (FLiP) founder Gillian Bishop first joined us in Toronto for the Riverdale Mediation PC trainings. She and fellow FLiP colleague Felicity Shedden had recognized the benefits that PC can provide to high conflict separated co-parents, and held the belief that while PC was foreign to the UK, …

Children’s Interviews in the Parenting Coordination Process

Though parents are ultimately the decision makers, and the children do not have the same decision-making authority, parents’ decisions can be informed by the children’s wishes. originally posted July 2015 Interviewing children in the parenting coordination process is often a great way of gaining information. This can be invaluable when working with parents that present with very different opinions as …

Recognizing Moments of Successful Co-parenting

Providing hope and a realistic vision is as important as developing a roadmap for parents that they can follow towards achieving their final destination. originally published August 15 2015 Like any intervention Parenting Coordination ultimately seeks to create change. In this case it is change in the toxic co-parental dynamic. As such, the end goal of the Parenting Coordination process is …

Cohabitating After Separation and Nesting: Considerations for High Conflict Co-Parents

Deciding to separate is just the first of many difficult decisions facing co-parents. Once it is evident that the relationship is over, questions about the future and the family begin to present themselves, and they present themselves fast and furious. Questions such as -where will the children live? Where will I live? Who if anyone is staying in the home? …

Norton’s Perspective on Parenting Coordination

“Combining mediation and arbitration, as well as elements of coaching and education, Parenting Coordinators serve as the primary resource for co-parents wishing to finally see an end to their co-parent conflict.” _____________________________________ For many co-parents receiving an order or developing a parenting plan may signal the beginning of a more peaceful and positive co-existence. With structure and a new understanding …