Family Relations (14 / 21 Hours)


September 6 & 7 / 8, 2017


Toronto, ON (Location TBD)


The Family Relations Course is an intensive two-day (FDRIO) or three-day (OAFM) course designed to meet new standards of accreditation for Family Mediator designation. The course is required for all non-mental health professionals. The course is designed to provide additional theory, understanding, and skills to address complex intimate partner and family related issues, and mental health issues, which are present in Family Mediation. The course combines lecture, individual and group exercises, multimedia, and case examples.


  • To provide a more comprehensive understanding of family systems theory, family relationships, and family dynamics.
  • Develop additional knowledge and skills to address complex relational conflict, including intimate partner conflict, cross-generational conflict and conflict associated with the family of origin.
  • Develop additional knowledge and skills to work with relational issues such as parent-child contact issues, issues of attachment, and post-separation conflict.
  • Understanding contemporary family trends and developing skills to work with today’s Canadian family.
  • Using Genograms, narrative and transformative mediation techniques, and other practice tools to assess clients and conflict, and to inform your mediation process.
  • To enhance knowledge of Attachment Theory, Child Development, and special needs cases.
  • To enhance knowledge of Mental Health related issues and develop skills to recognize and address mental issues when they present in mediation.
  • To explore the full context of separation and divorce: statistics, causes of, impact on parties and children, and potential supports / resources.
  • To enhance knowledge of grief and trauma, and how this can inform and strengthen your mediation process.


Jared Norton, with Guest Speakers


  • Standard Cost: $800 plus HST ($904)
  • Early Bird Cost: $750.00 plus HST ($847.50) – paid before August 6, 2017

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Seats available.


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Registration closes 5 days prior to the start of the course. Full payment is due before registration can be confirmed.

Course Cancellation Policy:

(1) A 15% admin fee (plus HST) will be charged on cancellations made more than 14 days before the start date of the training date; (2) For cancellation requests received less than 14 days before the start date of the training, we reserve the right to not issue a refund given the expenses incurred to accommodate the participant, such as overhead, training materials, food and instructor costs.

We reserve the right to change program content, speakers and locations without notice. We reserve the right to cancel any workshop and will provide a 100% refund in such circumstances.



“I like that key issues were presented and continued. I appreciated the modelling that Jared presented and his non-judgemental stance. Thank you.” – 2017 participant

“(I really enjoyed) the speaker’s engagement and knowledge, guidance between course content and reference material for further self-study.” – 2017 participant

“Jared is an excellent lecturer; clear, well paced, knowledgeable, kind, open to questions, patient.” – 2017 participant

“Amazing and interesting information – very helpful for mediation and I want more of all of it. Jared gives excellent explanation and has so much experience and knowledge to share.” – 2017 participant

“The knowledge and dynamics about the family and the roles that all members play. Allows you to get your mindset in the right direction of the family relations.”
– 2017 participant


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