Defamation Cases

Libel and slander cases are often well-suited for mediation. They involve hurt feelings and damaged reputations, claims that can often find redress in a mediation process. One of the goals of many plaintiffs in defamation actions is to obtain an apology, a remedy that can occur fairly naturally in a successful mediation.

Libel cases, like many other claims, are easier to settle once the plaintiff has had an opportunity to tell the defendant how deeply it has affected him or her.

Libel cases have another unique feature that makes them more likely to settle in mediation; a short limitation period after the service of the libel notice for commencing litigation. This is a window of opportunity for parties to explore options for settlement before they incur the legal fees of commencing litigation.

And although many defendants in libel cases have libel and slander insurance, the deductible for such claims is often quite high, giving all parties a financial incentive to try to find an early resolution.