Neighbour Disputes

Disputes between or among neighbours about fences, trees, pets, noise, road hockey, and construction projects, among other things, can be the most stressful and damaging kinds of disputes. Engaging in a war with someone whom you can see when looking out your window is enough to make some people sell their homes and uproot their families. The alternative, living in daily rage beside this person, is hardly healthy.

Long-simmering conflicts between neighbours that end up in court can leave all sides unhappy. A judge may try to let both parties “save face”, with neither party coming away a proclaimed winner as they surely both expected.

And the result is often great expense, more stress and increased aggravation between neighbours. Nobody is the winner even if the court declares one.

Mediation offers conflicted neighbours a safe and controlled environment in which to let each other know how they are affected by the conduct or issue, and hopefully be understood. It lets them, with the help of the mediator, consider options for resolution that neither, in their anger and daily frustration, was able to contemplate. And it opens the door to possibly improved relations in the future, something nearly impossible to achieve after litigation.