Conferencing is a unique form of family mediation. It is well suited to the resolution of disputes that involve extended family members. There are various forms of conferencing, including circles and the family group conferencing model. Each form has its own procedural elements, but all operate on the same theory.

A conference involves everyone who is affected by a dispute, or whose input is needed for its resolution. The process is designed to ensure that each person provides input into understanding the nature of the problem to be solved, and the possible options for resolving it.

We often use conferences where:

  • Adult or older children are affected by their parents’ separation, and they want and need to have a voice;
  • Adult children of a parent who is re-marrying have concerns that they wish to discuss with their parent;
  • The parties to a separation cannot resolve issues without the involvement of their parents or new partners;
  • Disputes involving extended family members, or between two different “sides” of a family.

A conference is a structured, sensitive and thoughtful conflict resolution process that focuses on how each person has been affected by the conflict and what ideas they can contribute to its resolution.

Several of our mediators are trained to provide conferencing. For more information contact us at