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In-depth articles from the Riverdale Mediation team of professionals.

September 15, 2017

Safety Planning in Family Law Cases: An Emerging Duty of Care for Lawyers?

By Hilary Linton Research and experience tells us that intimate partner homicides are the most predictable and preventable of murders. We also know that adversarial…

September 14, 2017

Best Practices for Screening for Family Violence and Power Imbalances in Family Mediation-Arbitration

By Hilary Linton 1. Screening is a process of identifying, assessing and managing power imbalances. Its purpose is to assess if parties are appropriate for…

September 14, 2017

Identifying and Assessing Family Violence and Power Dynamics

By Hilary Linton What are the fundamental principles of ADR? What are some basic screening concepts I should know before starting mediation and/or arbitration? What are mediators…


In-depth articles from the Riverdale Mediation team of professionals.

January 21, 2019

First FDRulings

Court Upholds Confidentiality of Mediation Intake Forms, Mediator’s File & Screening Notes Cliff Nelson, Riverdale Mediation & Hilary Linton, Riverdale Mediation and mediate393/311/47 Few legal…

September 20, 2018

The (Unique) Perils of The PC Process

The parenting coordination process is a difficult one for both clients and PCs. Invariably there is one parent who is more committed; or is driving…

August 31, 2018

The Tenacious Mediator: Ten tips for “Moving the Mediation”

If there are three qualities that distinguish a good mediator from a great one, they are: Dangerous curiosity: great mediators are not afraid to follow…

News & Announcements

In-depth articles from the Riverdale Mediation team of professionals.

Global News Article - May 2019

Hilary Linton was quoted in a recent Global News article on restraining orders. Here is what she had to say on protection orders: “It’s better than nothing,” she says. “But really you have to dig deeper and be aware of who is this person, what’s motivating them, how they’re inclined to behave, and what can be done to enhance the effectiveness of a restraining order.” Read the complete article here.

Speaking at Annual Joint Family Law Program

On March 15, 2019, Hilary will be speaking at the Annual Joint Family Law Program, (Jointly presented by the Law Society of Manitoba, The Court of Queen’s Bench Family Division Judges and The Manitoba Bar Association, Family Law Section) about best practices and latest developments in screening for power imbalance and intimate partner violence in family dispute resolution processes— family mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination. Click here for more information.

Welcome, Cliff Nelson!

The Honourable Clifford Nelson, after 19 years of service as a judge of the Superior Court of Justice (Family Court), has joined our family mediation team. His 47 years of settlement-focused service as a litigator and judge will serve his mediation clients well. At Riverdale Mediation, we accept clients who have counsel as well as the self-represented. We welcome Cliff very warmly.


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