News & Announcements

OAFM’s Speaker’s Corner

Hilary Linton is scheduled to speak at the Ontario Association of  Family Mediators (OAFM) upcoming “Speaker’s Corner” webinar series on November 30th. She will talk about “understanding the exceptions to family mediation confidentiality.” This webinar is Free! Click here to attend.

School for Self-Represented Family Litigants 

Hilary will be speaking on October 27 at the School for Self-Represented Family Litigants presented by the National Self Represented Litigants Project. Along with Bernie Mayer and Jennifer Donison Aternino, Hilary will be speaking about family mediation, parenting coordination and arbitration. Click here for more details.

311 Open Bar Series

Hilary Linton will join lawyers Neha Chugh and Gil Zvulony, to speak about the Violence, Harassment and Intimidation of Family Lawyers and Professionals during the 311 Open Bar Series on Monday, November 7, 2022.

Various issues will be touched on, including Risk assessment tools and strategies to keep safe, the emotional impact of enduring threats and harassment, how to interact with police if you have been a victim, the law and best practices pertaining to getting off the record where safety concerns exist, legal and administrative recourse and remedies in cases of defamation and internet harassment, and much more.

Click here for further details and registration.

Closing Out the APFM Conference

Hilary closed out the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) Conference on October 15th, along with Nina Meierding, Michael Aurit, Woody Mosten, Alex Glassmann and Gabrielle Hartley. The topic was “Stretching Yourself from the Inside Out”.

Academy of Professional Family Mediators’ Annual Conference

Hilary Linton will be a speaker at the closing Plenary of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators’ Annual Conference on October 15, 2022. Read more here!