New Child Support Calculation Service

A new service for determining and adjusting child support for cooperative parents has been set up by the Ontario government.

Under the new service, which launched April 4, either parent may apply online to use the service.

The goal is to give parents who can cooperate with each other  an accessible and affordable way to establish and adjust child support each year if their incomes change.

An application form will determine eligibility. For example, if either parent or child lives outside Ontario, there is split or shared custody, there are complex income issues or the child is over age 17, the service will not be available.

Although the service is being promoted in select Ontario cities, it is available now to everyone.

This is an innovative approach to child support calculation, and will be of use to FDR professionals across the province.

Please visit this website for more information on arranging child support between yourself and the other caregiver.

Hilary Linton is a Toronto lawyer whose practice is restricted to providing mediation, arbitration, teaching and consulting services. She litigated family and civil disputes for 14 years and then obtained an LL.M. in ADR at Osgoode Hall Law School. She used that experience to launch her ADR business, Riverdale Mediation, which specializes in family mediation and arbitration, teaching mediation and negotiation theory and skills, and private training and consulting for corporations, government and individuals.