Mediation: Effective and Efficient

In its recent report, “A Case for Mediation: The Cost-Effectiveness of Civil, Family and Workplace Mediation,” MediateBC thoughtfully explores the inherent worth of civil, family and workplace mediation.


The report points out the cost savings from sharing the cost of one mediator, instead of each party paying a lawyer to negotiate or go to court. Unlike more adversarial approaches, mediation does not follow the court structure and/or system which can prolong a settlement and elevate stress and misunderstanding.

As the report notes, conflicts are inevitable because relationships bring different people together. Mediation offers the opportunity to negotiate a collaborative solution, because:

Both parties are Invested: Mediation often cultivates an environment of participation and collaboration: Conflicts are often resolved quicker and without court action. The opportunity to participate in mediation means that parties actively play a part in the decisions and outcomes of the case – an empowering and budget-friendly way to resolve conflict.

 It establishes a Common Ground: Mediation cultivates the establishment of a ‘common ground.’ Parties are given the opportunity to expose and present their own points of view. This enables all parties to better understand the true nature of the dispute.

For more information, read this excellent report!