Try mediation and jump the queue: mediation is “faster, less expensive and more effective”!

Exploring mediation can move your case forward through the litigation process.. in more ways than one.

Prior to the March 1, 2021 Divorce Act changes, lawyers had a duty to inform clients about mediation facilities.

The Divorce Act changes now places a duty on lawyers to encourage clients to attempt to resolve matters through a family dispute resolution process.

There is also a duty on parties to a proceeding to “try to resolve matters that may be the subject of an order …through a family dispute resolution process.

And, thanks to recent Family Law rules changes, if you have tried mediation whether prior to the start of your case or after the case has started, you can request a combined case conference and settlement conference.

(Note: the mediator must screen for family violence and power imbalances, and financial disclosure must be complete.)

In support of a request to combine the case conference and the settlement conference, file your Form 17G: Certificate of Dispute Resolution:

Our mediators screen all cases for family violence and power imbalances, and will mediate financial disclosure along with other issues, helping our clients gain a win-win whether they settle or not!