Which family law process is best?

There are so many options for separating couples. How are they different? And which is best for you?

The first task of any family law professional is to help clients make informed procedural choices.

That is what family law “screening” is all about.

As explained in the December 7 issue of the Lawyers Weekly, screening is an initial meeting between the client and the process provider. It is intended to answer two questions: is the proposed process going to be safe for the parties (and children), and can the parties both fully participate in the process?

Screening was once done only by family mediators. But increasingly, all family law professionals are appreciating the benefits of screening all new cases. And in BC it is mandatory for lawyers, arbitrators, counsellors, mediators and parenting coordinators. It gives the professional and client an opportunity to ensure–as best they can– that the process being considered will actually have a good chance of being effective.

Family law dispute resolution can be expensive and time consuming .  Not all processes suit all clients.

A client considering collaborative law, ┬álitigation, arbitration or mediation wants to know that the process will deliver the desired result– the best possible resolution at the lowest possible cost.