2024 Schedule


September 2024:

Parenting Coordination

November 2024:

Making the Most of your Family Mediation

2023 Schedule


January 18, 2023:

Resources for Black Families

March 15, 2023:

Tips on working successfully with your Parenting Coordinator

May 17, 2023:

How to prepare for child or spousal support mediation

July 20, 2023:
Tips for financial disclosure in family mediation and arbitration


2022 Schedule


October 12, 2022:

Coaching Tips for Successful Communication with Your Co-parent

Hear from our senior parenting coordinator and family lawyer Hilary Linton on resources she recommends for her PC clients. Hilary is trained as a coach in the New Ways for Families program, and brings that experience to her work as a PC. She also works closely with counselling and mental health professionals and will share some tips she has picked up from them.

November 2022:

Tips from a parenting plan mediator