Hilary on “Sustaining Professionalism in an Adversarial World”

Interview with Hilary Linton on Sustaining Professionalism in an Adversarial World, filmed for the Legal Professionalism Plenary Session at the Ministry of Attorney General’s annual summer program for crown lawyers on June 16, 2016.

Hilary on Daytime Toronto

Hilary Linton, founder & president of mediate393, was a guest on Daytime Toronto (Rogers TV program) on Tuesday, June 14, 2016. Hilary sat down with Val Cole to discuss free & subsidized family law mediation, which Val referred to as “one of the best-kept secrets out there”.

Negotiation Styles: Playing to Your Strengths

Riverdale Mediation’s Hilary A. Linton recently participated in a panel at the Advocates’ Society’s Third Biennial Women in Litigation Conference, called The Woman Advocate: Is There a Difference?. Hilary’s panel topic tackled the differences in negotiation styles, particularly between male and female mediators.


“I really appreciated what you have crafted and the clarity and detail of the draft agreement is reassuring and comforting to me. Thank you.”

“Thank you for all your help during this most unhappy time. I appreciated your letter last week and take seriously your note regarding protecting the children from the conflict.”

“The attainment of a divorce, and some closure, is a massive accomplishment. I can’t thank you enough for that. There are lots of other good aspects of the agreement too which will become apparent as the years go on. Thank you again, you have done my kids and I a great service.”

“Hilary, many thanks for your very professional help in our very difficult matter. It looks like we are going toward an agreement and could put an end to the destruction of our families. Thanks again, again and again.”

“…thank you for the follow-up. Something I rarely see these days professionally. Yes, everything is settled and you can close the file. We are both moving forward and our daughter continues to be the focus of our new “partnership”. Thank you for your help.”