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Hilary Linton

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• What's Happening at Riverdale
• Most Recent Blogs
• Meet our New Intern: Kate Waters
• ADR and Youth
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Our Courses

• Fundamentals of Family Arbitration
   September 26 & 27, 2011

• Arbitration Screening and Law Update
   October 19, 2011

• Screening for Power Imbalances
   including, Domestic Violence
   October 20 & 21, 2011

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What’s Happening at Riverdale Mediation

TrainingIt has been busy here at Riverdale. Our spring courses--- family law, screening for power in family law cases and basic level mediation--- were filled with interesting professionals. Our private training business is becoming increasingly popular, as we take our courses on the road to small groups of legal and corporate professionals.

We have travelled to from Orlando to Nunavut to either deliver or receive ADR training, with a virtual presentation on family arbitration in Winnipeg along the way. We've accredited all our interns and brought in three more, and have doubled our space here at Law Chambers. Christine is getting busy with PC files; Elizabeth and Susan with financial mediations, and Hilary with mediation-arbitrations.

We're on top of all the latest developments in family mediation and arbitration. We've discussed mandatory family mediation with the Chief Justice; participated in a cross-stakeholder committee about updating Ontario's mediation accreditation standards; and have made presentations at the OBA, OAFM and elsewhere about national and international developments in family mediation. Hilary is on an OAFM-FMC committee on national accreditation standards.

Coming up: more training in Nunavut and much more!

Most Recent Blog Posts

Meet our New Intern: Kate Waters

Kate WatersKate Waters' interest in mediation is what motivated her to go into law in the first place, and she is thrilled to be working towards accreditation as a mediator in Riverdale Mediation’s internship program. Kate completed her B.A. at Bishop’s University and her LL.B at the University of Victoria.  She articled at the Toronto District School Board and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2005. Kate practiced education law on behalf of school boards until 2010, including labour law, human rights, student discipline, special education, child protection and family law matters, privacy and governance.

Click here to read the rest of Kate's bio.

ADR and Youth

What kids can teach us

by Christine Kim

Over a decade ago, I worked with street kids in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines with an organization called Street Kids International. I was a trainer of youth workers who worked directly with the youth who came from shelters and some who still lived on the streets. To read more click here.

Resolving conflict in special education

by Elizabeth Hyde

When we advocate for our own children's needs, it is easy to take a position and not move from that position regardless of differing opinions we may encounter. After all as their parents, we know what is best for them. Nowhere is this more apparent than when parents of children identified by their school board as "exceptional" are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their child receives the best possible education for that child's exceptionality. To read more click here.

Featured Article

Deconstructing “Economic Man’s” Application to Marriage Agreements
An Analysis of the Method of Contractual Enforcement in Hartshorne v. Hartshorne

– Sarah Whitmore

In September 2010, the second winner of the John E. VanDuzer Scholarship Award for Family Law was chosen. The Award committee, consisting of Madam Justice Mary Lou Benotto, Professor Rollie Thompson of Dalhousie University and Hamilton lawyer Pat Mackesy, selected a paper by Sarah Whitmore, written while she was a JD student at Osgoode Hall Law School. Sarah’s paper, “Deconstructing ‘Economic Man's’ Application to Marriage Agreements: An Analysis of Contractual Enforcement in Hartshorne v. Hartshorne,” critiques the Supreme Court of Canada’s approach to the interpretation and enforcement of domestic contracts. She argues that that the Court inappropriately treats domestic contracts as if they were commercial agreements. Sarah’s paper will be published soon in the Canadian Family Law Quarterly. To view Sarah’s article click here.

Feedback from a Training Participant

Hilary recently traveled to Kingston to provide private training to 4 senior family law lawyers in Basic Family Mediation and Negotiation. One of the participants Mary Jo Maur wrote a lovely letter to us about the training. Read below:

Mary Jo Maur Dear Hilary,

I already had a fair idea of what is involved in mediation, having participated in many mediations over the years as counsel, and having read extensively about mediation and ADR.

The missing puzzle piece for me was the mindset.

You said at the beginning that mediation required the mediator to bring herself to the mediation. I had visions of wounded healers, spilling their past to participants in the mediation, and becoming too involved in the lives of the people they were trying to help.

But what I learned is that it is really much different than that. I think now that a mediator is required to bring her "best self" to the table (not her whole self): the self that would help a stranger struggling with carrying too many packages; the self who would assess her friends' problems fairly, objectively, and yet and kindly; the self whose ideas are open and balanced and fair.

To read the rest of Mary Jo's letter click here.

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