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  The Official Newsletter of Riverdale Mediation Winter 2012  

Table of Contents

• Intro: Some News
• Upcoming Courses
• What's up at Riverdale
• Meet our New Interns
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Our Courses

• 30 Hour Family Law Course
   Feb 28 to Mar 2, 2012 - Sold Out

• Power Imbalances in Family Law Cases
   April 2 & 3, 2012

• Basic Mediation and Negotiation Course
   May 3,4,7,8,9, 2012

• 1 Day Power Imbalances Update
   June 18, 2012

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Intro: Some News

mediate393 inc. is looking for new mediators for its off-site roster, especially lawyers. If you are interested in getting accredited and joining the roster, please let us know.

A recent case is a reminder that mediation is not always confidential, even when the parties and the mediator intend it to be. Read our blog post on this important decision here: When Mediation isn't Confidential (PDF)

Our expertise in the field of screening clients and cases for suitability for mediation, arbitration and collaborative law is growing! Read Hilary’s recently presented paper on the importance of understanding screening here: Screening for Power Imbalances (PDF)

Our Training Schedule Begins Again in the Spring

Basic Family Law (30 Hours) February 28 to March 2, 2012 - SOLD OUT
For mental health professionals, paralegals, mediators and arbitrators. Required training for non-lawyer family arbitrators under the Arbitration Act Regulation. Pre-requisite for family mediation training for non-lawyers.

"An extremely well balanced approach of the breadth and depth
of family law that can be covered in a 30 hour course."

Power Imbalances in Family Law Cases (14 hours), April 2, & 3, 2012
Intensive, role-play based workshop covers current research and screening tools used by mediators, mediator-arbitrators, third party screeners and collaborative practitioners. Required for family arbitrators and family mediator accreditation.

This program has been accredited by the Law Society for 13 New Member hours, 3.5 Professionalism hours and 9.5 Substantive hours. Eligible for family mediation accreditation.

“The overall course was excellent. There is so much to learn and this course highlighted how challenging this work is and how thoughtful, insightful,
patient and aware we must be doing this work.”

Basic Family Mediation and Negotiation (40 hours), May 3, 4, 7, 8, & 9, 2012
Our annual five day workshop featuring Hilary Linton, Dr. Barbara Fidler, guest presenters, professional actors and coaches.

This program has been accredited by the Law Society for 5 professionalism hours
and 34.5 Substantive hours.

"I would highly recommend this course to professionals…
lawyers, social workers, mental health professionals."

Fundamentals of Family Arbitration, June 14th & 15th, 2012
A comprehensive and practical workshop designed to familiarize lawyers and other professionals with the fundamentals of family arbitration practice and law.

This program has been accredited by the Law Society for 2.5 Professionalism hours
and 10.5 Substantive hours.

"I loved Hilary's approach, I feel confident in what I need to do.
She is very common sense and explains basic principles well

Update on Power Imbalances in Family Law Cases (10 Hours), June 18, 2012
Advanced workshop builds on 14 hour course. Client screening research and practice in mediation, arbitration, and collaborative practice. Required every two years for all family arbitrators.

This program has been accredited by the Law Society for 1.5 Professionalism hours
and 8.5 Substantive hours.

"Materials very good; well-organized; provides for re-visiting and referencing.
Your experience and insight provided a basis for meaningful answers
and insights over a broad range of mediation issues."


Advanced Family Mediation and Negotiation (21 hours)
November 9th, 10th, & 11th, 2012
A comprehensive and practical workshop designed to familiarize lawyers and other professionals with the fundamentals of family arbitration practice and law.

This program has been accredited by the Law Society for 4.5 Professionalism hours
and 15 Substantive hours.

"Your mix of actors and students added great value to this course.
Excellent cases were chosen. Your group are very good presenters
and clearly promote the field of mediation."

What's up at Riverdale

Hilary Linton

  • Hilary taught Family Law Dispute Resolution at the University of Western Ontario law school in January. She was honoured to receive the James G. McLeod Professorship in Family Law for the second time.
  • Hilary will be teaching Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall Law School, in its Family Law LL.M. program in March.
  • Hilary will be on the road this spring, travelling to Iqualuit in March to teach family mediation and then to the UK in May to teach screening in collaborative cases to several groups of British collaborative lawyers.

Elizabeth Hyde

  • Elizabeth co-presented at UWO law with Hilary on Dr. Julie Mcfarlane's book "The New Lawyer: How Settlement is Transforming the Practice of Law”.
  • Elizabeth is teaching "Family Mediation” at Humber College for the winter term.
  • Elizabeth has just begun work on her LLM thesis in the area of conflict resolution education/social emotional learning in high schools.
  • Read her paper on Apologies in Mediation on our website.

Christine Kim

  • Christine was also a guest speaker in Hilary’s Family ADR course at UWO law. She spoke about the impact of culture and gender in family dispute resolution.
  • Christine co-presented with Elizabeth at Humber College on parenting and high conflict.
  • Christine attended The High Conflict Forum on February 16th and 17th.

Meet Our New Interns

Nicole Stewart Kamanga

Nicole Stewart Kamanga

Nicole graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2000.  She has practiced family law both in private practice and as a Staff Lawyer for the Family Law Office in Toronto.

Prior to her legal career, Nicole worked as a Children’s Advocate in a women’s shelter for 5 years where she provided individual and group counseling to the children and their mothers residing at the shelter. Nicole has authored/co-authored 3 articles on her work in this area.

Nicole took some time off from paid work to raise her own children and has now re-entered the work force. She is very much looking forward to interning at Riverdale. Nicole has recently been accepted into the LLM Programme at Osgoode Hall Law School where her focus of study is Alternative Dispute Resolution. To contact Nicole directly, please write her at [email protected]

Richard Teicher

Richard Teicher

Richard received his Honours Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Hons.) from York University with a major in psychology and went on to obtain a Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) at the University of Toronto. Thereafter, Richard studied law at the University of Windsor where he received his Bachelor of Law (LL.B.).  After completing law school, Richard went on to the Graduate Studies of Law program at the Universsity of Ottawa and earned his Masters of Law (LL.M.).

Richard was called to the Ontario bar in 2000 and has worked exclusively in the field of family law since that time. Richard’s experience in the family law field is quite extensive. Richard has held positions with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Family Justice Division, has practiced family law at a well-respected boutique family law firm, a large Bay Street law firm and in the last few years has opened his own family law practice. In addition, Richard is also a qualified collaborative family law lawyer. Richard looks forward to using his educational background and work experience to the benefit of individuals who seek to mediate their disputes.

Heather MacInnis

Heather completed her MSW at Wilfrid Laurier, then began her social work career at The Peel Children's Aid Society, beginning as a front-line staff in an intake capacity and then as a family service worker dealing with long term case planning. She then moved on to a management position and supervised a staff team responsible for implementing comprehensive case plans for the protection of children. Heather developed skills and experience in clinical and case management and was exposed to the court process with a high conflict and diverse population. More recently, Heather has completed all the requisite mediation training and is now looking forward to the internship program at Riverdale to learn more about the mediation process and parenting coordination.

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