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  The Official Newsletter of Riverdale Mediation Fall 2013  
Hilary Linton

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Our Courses

What's new at Riverdale Mediation?

Our recent training schedule has included teaching family mediation and screening for power imbalances at:

This interesting case is a reminder that mediation is not always confidential, even when the parties and the mediator intend it to be. Read our blog post on this important decision here: When Mediation isn't Confidential

“Hard Questions, Easy Answers: Negotiating Power in Family Law”
This will be Hilary’s topic at the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) 2013 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado (Oct 5-6).

The International Association of Collaborative Professionals conference in Tuscon, Arizona, is also tapping Hilary’s expertise. She will be co-presenting on “Family Violence Screening and Confidentiality in Collaborative Process”, on October 20.

Elizabeth received her LL.M. in ADR in June.
Her research project looked at the field of social and emotional learning and its use as the foundation for teaching conflict resolution skills to youth.
Mediation and Arbitration Training in
Toronto’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Hilary, Elizabeth and Christine had a fantastic experience working with professionals in Toronto’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the spring.
Read the blog post here

SilviaWelcome Silvia!
Helping with Riverdale Mediation's administration, webwork, courses and newsletters since May.




Family ADR News

B.C. Family Law Act: a new duty to keep clients safe?
The new and revolutionary B.C. Family Law Act requires anyone providing dispute resolution services to identify, assess and manage power imbalances and family violence, and to take training to know how to do that. Read more here.

A parenting schedule that “makes sense”
Children in two homes can thrive if the parents can learn how to work together to meet their needs. Christine Kim discusses how a Parenting Schedule can really make sense for kids. Read more here.

Tips for family dispute resolution professionals to keep their data safe
This September 26th workshop, the first in our 6-part series on best practices, shook us up with web hazards, but it also let us know how to protect our clients’ data and our own. With web expert, Richard Darby, President of NeoRenaissance Enterprises Inc.

Ontario SCJ case highlights importance of screening in med-arb
This decision illustrates the need for clearer regulation of “screening for power imbalances and domestic violence”, in family arbitration. It also demonstrates the benefits for parties, lawyers and arbitrators in understanding that some methods of screening will be more effective than others; and in ensuring that screening is done before the mediation in a mediation-arbitration. Read more here.

Upcoming Courses

Full Course Information and Online Registration on the web

Accredited CPD

Power Imbalances and Family Violence in Family Law Cases
October 21 & 22, 2013
A two-day course for collaborative and family lawyers, mediators, parenting coordinators, paralegals, educators and mental health professionals seeking to know more about the elements of power in intimate relationships. This dynamic and practical workshop uses professional actors and features skilled and knowledgeable guest speakers.

Advanced Family Mediation and Negotiation: Theory and Skills
November 6 - 8, 2013

Intensive, role-play based workshop covers current research and screening tools used by mediators, mediator-arbitrators, third party screeners and collaborative practitioners. Required for family arbitrators and family mediator accreditation.

DivorceMATE Workshop: What you need to know
November 28, 2013

How family lawyers and mediators can make the best use of DIVORCEmate software when dealing with: self-employed clients, underemployed clients, imputation of income, tax implications that may allow for grossing up and undue hardship claims.

Introduction to ADR
January 22 - 24, 2014

Basic Family Law
March 10 - 13, 2014

Basic Family Negotiation and Mediation
May 1 to 7, 2014

Announcing: 393 Pro Bono Family ILA Project

pro bonoThe 393 University Family Law Bench and Bar Committee, along with mediate393 inc., are pleased to announce the 393 Pro Bono Family ILA Project. The project will provide individuals with independent legal advice on a pro bono basis where negotiated settlements have been achieved. See the details here.


The Summer Gathering

Summer Gathering

The summer gathering on Hilary's deck. In August we hosted a party for our sister company, mediate393. It was a chance for Roster members to get together with Heather and Michelle and meet Michelle’s new son, Ethan.

Richard Teicher, Heather Glenn and Ethan

Michelle Ben Zvi-Gillooly with baby Ethan


Dr. Terri Sands

Heather MacInnis

Richard Teicher

Nicole Stewart-

Congratulations to former interns who have
received OAFM accreditation and also joined
the mediate393 Roster:
• Judith Laxer
• Heather MacInnis
• Nicole Stewart-Kamanga
• Terri Sands
• Richard Teicher

Newly accredited as well is:
• Meysa Maleki

And soon to follow:
• Tahereh Barati
• Robyn Hurley
• Fareen Jamal
• Todd Slonim

New Interns

Welcome new interns who started in June:
• Jane Demaray
• Linda Ennis
• Karen Lindsay-Skynner
• Sue Paterson
• Jaclyn Strimas
• Veronica Van Dam

Conference Dates

APFM Conference
Denver, Oct. 3 -6, 2014

IACP Annual Networking and Educational Forum
San Antonio, TX, Oct. 17-20, 2014

Toronto, Oct. 24-25, 2014

AFCC conference  
Toronto, Oct. 17-18, 2014

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