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  The Official Newsletter of Riverdale Mediation May 2010  

What’s happening at Riverdale Mediation

We recently offered our popular “40 Hour
Basic Mediation and Negotiation: Theory
and Skills”
course with great success!
The course was located at the Metropolitan
Hotel and received some great reviews…

Metropolitan Hotel

“These 5 days have been EXCELLENT – informative, instructive, entertaining,
engaging, thought-provoking, insightful…I am thrilled to have taken this course.
I feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to learn about family mediation
from the three of you!”  — Jackie Marshall

“I was anticipating 5 days of dry material. I was surprised by the presenters’
ability to engage participants with real life dilemmas and practical information.
Thanks, very enjoyable!”  — Jane Walsh

 “I enjoyed the course. I especially liked the panellists and their tips for practice.”
— Mary Cunha

We also just had a great group for our “Screening for Power Imbalances, including Domestic Violence, in Family Mediation and Arbitration."

“The course was designed and expertly presented in a manner that encouraged
important and provocative discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks”

“Interactive, informative, proactive and compelling”

Just Around the Corner...

Our “Advanced Family Mediation and Negotiation” is May 10-12th, 2010
(Some spaces still open) with:

Hilary Linton Dr. Barbara Fidler Heather Swartz

Hilary Linton

Dr. Barbara Fidler

Heather Swartz

This intensive workshop uses actors to provide hands-on experience and extensive coaching. Topics include: high conflict cases, complex facts and law; the voice of the child; advanced practice & ethical issues; and restorative processes. Some reviews from our 2009 course:

 “Your mix of actors and students added great value to this course.
Excellent cases were chosen.”

 “Your group are very good presenters and clearly promote the field of mediation.”

“The varied very competent slate of presenters/coaches provided us,
learners, with a wealth of experience and information.”

The “Fundamentals of Family Arbitration” is May 20 & 21, 2010, instructed by Hilary Linton and Barry Fisher. This course is a comprehensive and practical workshop designed to familiarize lawyers and other professionals with the fundamentals of family arbitration practice and law. Recently offered in Kingston, this course was a great success:

 “I loved Hilary’s approach. I feel confident in what I need to do.
She is very ‘common sense’ and explains basic principles well

Mary-Jo Maur, Kingston Ont.

Excellent workshop, would attend a sequel

Spaces are still available for these popular courses.
Reserve your spot now by contacting
Valérie at [email protected] or
visit www.riverdalemediation.com for more information.

Recently on our Blog….

Family Law Done Right

by Hilary Linton

Last night I attended a dinner in Barrie Ont, honouring the ten years that the dynamic and wise Justice Lydia Olah has presided in Simcoe County Family Court in Barrie.

Barrie has something that Toronto does not; a specialized Family Court branch of the Superior Court of Justice. Not only are there judges whose sole function is to deal with family law cases, there is also easy access to other critical services, right in the court house.

In Barrie court (as in all the specialized Family Courts like Hamilton, Peel, Peterborough and Newmarket) there are mediators right on site. These highly skilled and experienced mediators are available, at little or no cost, for up to two hours of on site mediation and, at a regulated cost, for further mediation off site.

...click here to read the full article

Divorce without Devastation – Consider Collaborative Practice

by Victoria Smith

There’s no getting around it-divorce is painful and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be messy and financially ruinous. Collaborative Practice is a revolutionary new way to resolve separation and divorce for a growing number of families in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

The traditional process offered to divorcing couples has been adversarial. Whether or not spouses end up in court, negotiations between lawyers under the implied or overt threat of litigation can be emotionally and financially devastating. Resolution often comes too late, costs too much, and falls below expectations. Moreover, intangible interests such as protecting the well being of the children, co-parenting without conflict, preserving relationships with extended family members and mutual friends, being treated with respect, and maintaining control over the process and the outcome are often ignored altogether. It goes without saying that an adversarial process escalates conflict. The damage to children who endure protracted conflict between their parents can be deep and permanent. Adults suffer too. New research on suicide suggests that a disproportionate number of suicide victims are separated or divorced.

...click here to read the full article

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