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  The Official Newsletter of Riverdale Mediation September 2010 | Volume 1, Issue 3  

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In the September Edition of our
newsletter, you'll find:

Important Dates

October 14 & 15, 2010

Hilary will be speaking at the 2nd Annual AFCC(O) conference "The Future of Family Law" held in Toronto on The Future of Mediation and Arbitration.

October 20 & 21, 2010

Screening for Power Imbalances, Including Domestic Violence, in Mediation and Arbitration, 10 Hour Update and 14 Hour Course, at Riverdale Mediation.

Featured Intern: Elizabeth Hyde

Metropolitan HotelElizabeth is one of our current group of four lawyer-interns.
She brings with her seven years of extensive family litigation experience. Before becoming a lawyer, Elizabeth was a public school teacher. And she has, for the past ten years, directed the Professional Development department of a large national law firm. This experience has given Elizabeth cutting-edge exposure to current issues in legal education as well as a strong sense of future trends.

Elizabeth is now taking her commitment to and passion for intelligent and practical solutions to legal disputes to a new level. She will soon have completed the requirements for accreditation as a family mediator. She has also been accepted into the acclaimed LL.M. programme in Alternative Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall Law School, where she begins her studies this fall.


We have updated our website...


Riverdale Mediation is becoming more tech savvy. We now have PayPal on our website for training and course payments! Simply go to our Main Page and click on the Training Tab. Scroll down to Course Registration and Payment. Here you will be able to fill in your information, the course(s) you are registering for and pay via credit or cheque.

Featured Articles

Check out our Featured Article Section easily located on the homepage where you can gain new perspectives on conflict resolution, mediation, arbitration, parenting coordination and other related topics from Riverdale Mediation’s mediators and trainers, and also guest writers. The Featured Articles Section can be found on the bottom of the homepage. Have an article you think should be posted? Do you want to have your article featured! Let us know!

Questions and Answers

Have a question? We will find the answer! E-mail them to [email protected] with the topic line stating "Q&A" and we will post answers in our You Asked Us section of our website conveniently located in our Learn tab. We may also possibly post it in our monthly newsletter!

Teaching Team

Riverdale Mediation strongly believes in collaborating with other professionals for learning and teaching. We believe giving participants different perspectives on the theory and practice of mediation, arbitration and negotiation offers the best training possible. Take a look at our newly improved Teaching Team section to meet the outstanding professionals with whom we work.

Riverdale Mediation

Recently Riverdale Mediation has switched our calendars to ADR web. We hope this will be an easier way for clients to see our availability for appointments:

  • Hilary Linton is available Monday to Friday unless otherwise noted.
  • Susan Jack is available Tuesdays as well as Wednesdays and Thursday by request.
  • Kim James is available Mondays as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays by request.
  • Christine Kim is available Tuesday through Friday.

Article of the Month

Mediation or Collaborative Practice - Which Is for You?

by Victoria Smith, Lawyer/Mediator/Collaborative Practitioner

Mediation and Collaborative Practice are processes available to family law clients who wish to resolve their issues, with professional assistance, out of court. How do you decide which process is for you? It is important to understand how mediation and collaborative practice are similar, how they are different and the benefits and limitations of each.

...click here to read the rest of this article

Mr. Ken Nathens will be a co-presenter in our Family Law course taking
place March 2,3,4 and 5th 2011. Registrations are being accepted at www.riverdalemediation.com/training/course-schedule/

Featured Blog Post

Chief Justice Seeks Mandatory Family Mediation

by Hilary Linton

Chief Justice Warren Winkler has spoken. And, in my experience, when the Chief Justice speaks, things happen. Toronto Star legal writer Tracey Tyler reported today that Justice Winkler has called for mandatory mediation in all family law cases. Calling for "dramatic changes" in the way family law cases are handled in Ontario, the Chief Justice says that everyone should be required to attend mediation before using the courts to resolve their separation-related disputes.

...click here to read the rest of this blog post

You Asked Us...

My case is very high conflict: is it appropriate for mediation?

Sometimes a conflict is driven by the personalities of the people involved. They may engage in patterns of blame; not respond well to problem solving ideas; try to find people who will take their side; appear oblivious to the other person’s needs; and tend to attack aggressively when they do not like the way things are going.

...click here to read the complete answer

Riverdale Mediation is now accepting registrations for:


Take part in this 14 hour course as required by the
Ontario Attorney General under the Arbitration Act Regulation on
October 20th and 21st, 2010

Cost: $800 plus HST ($904.00)

will take place on October 21st, 2010 from 9:00am to 7:00pm

Guest speakers: Cheryl Goldhart, Goldhart Family Law,
& Adam Black, Bastedo, Stewart, Smith

Cost: $385 plus HST ($435.50)

Refunds less 10% admin fee issued up to one week prior to course date.
We reserve the right to limit or decline registrations. Cheques or Pay Pal accepted.

On March 2,3,4 and 5th, 2011

With special guests:
Nicole Tellier, Ken Nathens, Susan Jack,
Adam Black and Elizabeth Hyde

Cost: $1,125 plus HST ($1271.25)

Please pay full fee by February 2nd, 2011 to guarantee your spot.
Refunds less 10% admin fee issued up to one week prior to course date.
We reserve the right to limit or decline registrations. Cheque or PayPal accepted.

For more information about our upcoming courses please click below:

To register please click

If you have any further questions about our Training and Courses
at Riverdale Mediation please e-mail Valérie or Marlo at
[email protected]

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