Online Courses

  • New Ways for Families: Co-Parenting Playbook Options. This 12-module course (about $70 Cdn ) is produced by the High Conflict Institute, a US organization led by Bill Eddy. The course is required for parents in court in several jurisdictions. Either or both parents can take the training and optional coaching is available.
  • Parenting from Two Homes. This online course is offered by RiseUp Counselling and is $129 for both parents. It consists of six modules that can be completed in about two hours. It teaches parents communication skills and strategies that can build empathy for each other, which in turn helps the children flourish in their love for both parents. The course can be accessed on the RiseUp website. 

Website Resources 

Books and Other Resources

There are countless books available to help co-parents navigate the landscape of their separation. These are but a few of the websites we have found helpful in finding the right books for every family:

  • Your Place or Mine? A new book by Toronto family lawyer Charlotte Schwartz containing practical advice for developing a co-parenting plan.
  • High Conflict Institute: has published a variety or articles and books to help parents navigate difficult post-separation conflicts.