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Our team of experienced and accredited Toronto family mediators provides a wide range of dispute resolution services (also called Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR).

We offer family mediation and family arbitration;  and co-mediation and co-arbitration (with a lawyer and a social worker present); and med-arb. We also offer mediation of civil or commercial disputes, such as breached partnership agreements, and mediation of employment disputes that involve wrongful dismissal, human rights violations, workplace harassment, pay equity issues, and severance packages—to name a few.

Toronto Family Mediation Services are just the beginning of what we do at Riverdale Mediation. We work closely with lawyers in mediations and arbitrations and also accept mediations without counsel present. Some of our services:

  • Family mediation, separation mediation, divorce mediation, marriage contract mediation, and family and arbitration
  • Mediation of family related disputes (for child custody, child access, extraordinary expenses, child support, spousal support and more)
  • Mediation of civil/commercial/partnership/employment disputes
  • Public and private meeting organization and facilitation
  • Workshops in negotiation and conflict resolution for small and large community, government or corporate groups
  • Design of dispute resolution processes for government, community and corporate groups
  • Training for mediators, arbitrators, parenting coordinators, collaborative and other lawyers, paralegals, mental health and other professionals, in:
    1. Basic and Advanced Family Mediation
    2. Basic Family Arbitration Law and practice
    3. Basic Family Law
    4. Screening for Power Imbalances (including domestic violence) in Family Law Cases

Our fees vary by the service provided and the experience of the provider. Please contact [email protected] for our current fee schedule for mediation and arbitration services. All services provided are subject to a contract for services. Click here for Documents and Forms.

We offer a wide range of workshops and private courses. For quotes for workshops, courses or process design projects, please contact us here.

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