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Toronto Family Mediation, Arbitration and Parenting Coordination Services: serving separating families for over 20 years

Our team of professional, certified family mediators, arbitrators and parenting coordinators work hard to meet the needs of each client.

We bring decades of experience to help resolve the most challenging cases.

Offering all our services online since 2020, we provide effective and efficient ways for both parties to achieve settlements that meet their needs and those of their children and families.

With our long experience in family law, we structure our mediation, mediation-arbitration, arbitration or parenting coordination processes to give them the best chance of success, affordably and reasonably.

We accept all family law matters including:

  • parenting plans for children
  • decision-making disputes
  • mobility cases
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • income determination
  • property valuation
  • property division
  • marriage and co-habitation agreements
  • high conflict separations
  • special needs families
  • LGBTQ2 families

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