ADR Institute of Canada (Ontario)

ADR Institute of Canada (ADR Institute of Ontario)

The ADR Institute of Canada is a non-profit organization that represents and supports professionals who provide dispute resolution services and the individuals and organizations that use those services. The ADR Institute of Ontario is our Affiliate organization and you must look to their website for requirements within the province of Ontario.

The ADR Canada offers 2 mediator designations:

  • The Chartered Mediator (C.Med)
  • The Qualified Mediator: (Q.Med) This is a new designation and was established to recognize members of the organization who have sufficient experience in mediation and ADR to qualify to practice as mediators. This is a step towards becoming a chartered mediator. This designation shows the public that this person is qualified by training to conduct mediation. This designation proved that the person has met the minimum national standards. It should be noted that those interested should check with their regional affiliate for particulars on the requirements needed to received this credential as well as when this designation will become available in their region.

The ADR of Canada has general requirements; however the specific province such as the ADR Institute of Ontario may have further requirements.

The requirements for ADR Institute of Canada (Ontario) accreditation for a Chartered Mediator are:

  • Completion of 80 hours of mediation training
  • 100 hours of studying or training in the following areas:

    • general dispute resolution
    • negotiation
    • public consultation
    • mutual gains bargaining
    • communication
    • management consulting
    • conflict management
    • specific substantive areas such as law, psychology, social work, counselling, etc.
  • There may be an exception to this if the applicant is waived of the 100 hours by the RCMAC on the following criteria:

    • Has approximately 150 hours of mediation theory and skills training
    • Received through recognized training programs, with at least 16 hours of that training taken within the last 12 months.
    • Has approximately 100 hours of mediation practice.
    • Experience as a mediation trainer, in the capacity of either trainer or assistant trainer/coach.
  • Conducted 10 mediations in which the applicant was the sole mediator or the mediation chairperson in at least have of them. Five of the mediations must have been paid mediations.
  • The applicant must also be observed and approved by a Qualifying Mediator through a co-mediation, role play, video taped mediation ect OR a competency assessment approved by the ADR Canada OR an interview between the applicant and the RCMAC.
  • Lastly the applicant but pledge to comply with the ADR Canada’s Code of Ethics, be a good standing member of the ADR Canada and have minimum $1,000,000 insurance.
  • The C. Med designation must be renewed every three years by renewing ones pledge and completing a renewal application.

The Costs

  • Application fee: $500.00 (plus GST) payable to the ADR
    • Institute of Ontario, Inc. This is a one time fee.
  • C.Med Renewal fee: $250.00 annual fee to maintain your C. Med designation payable to the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc.
  • ADR Membership Fee: $255.00 (Plus GST) to maintain your membership with the ADR and keep your good standing which is a requirement in order to keep your designation.

The requirements for ADR Institute of Canada accreditation for a Qualified Mediator are:

  • Be a member in good standing with a participating Regional Affiliate or National Institute
  • Must complete 10 days (80hrs minimum) of Mediation training that are broken down into the following:
    • Basic Mediation Training: that consists of 5 full days (40 hours approx) of training in one to two courses. The training must cover Interest-based Mediation Process and Skills, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Communication Skills.
    • Specialized Mediation and Related Training: consisting of 5 days (40hrs) of specialized training. The following list taken from the ADR Institute of Canada’s website are accepted courses; however applicants can send in details to see if courses not listed will be accepted.
      • Advanced Mediation
      • Ethics in Dispute Resolution
      • Multiparty Negotiation Strategies
      • How to start a Mediation Business
      • Designing Systems for Conflict Management in Organizations
      • Arb/Med – Med/Arb: When and How to Use Them
      • Mediation: Case Development
      • Influence of Culture on Conflict Resolution Approaches
      • Resolving Difficult Workplace Issues
    • Q.Med. candidates are required to submit copies of certificates or course grade reports or other proof of educational requirements acceptable to ADRIO.
  • Candidates must submit documentation of satisfactory completion of two (2) actual mediations (paid or unpaid), or one (1) actual mediation, plus one co‐mediation (paid or unpaid).
  • The applicant must accumulate 60 points for Continuing Education and Engagement in three years. A total of 20 points can be carried over to the next Continuing Education period. Q. Meds use the approved Chartered Mediator Continuing Education point system.
  • All self employed Q. Med. candidates are strongly encouraged to submit evidence of applicable professional liability insurance coverage. A Q. Med.’s insurance status will be shown on the ADRIC website.

The Costs:

  • Q.Med Renewal Fee: $90 (plus GST) per year to maintain designation
  • ADRIO Membership Fee: $255 (plus GST) to maintain membership
  • Application Fee: $200 including GST. This is a one time payment.

For more information please visit:

ADR Institute of Canada, Inc.
Suite 405-234 Eglinton Avenue East,
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1K5

Tel: 416-487-4733
Toll Free: 1-877-475-4353
Fax: 416-487-4429


Click on Member Resources > Professional Designations > C.Med Application

Click on Member Resources > Professional Designations > Qualified Mediator

ADR Institute of Ontario, Inc.
Suite 405 234 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto ON M4P 1K5

Tel: 416-487-4447
Fax: 416-487-4429


What courses can I take that are endorsed by the ADRIO?

The ADRIO website and lists the approved courses that are offered in Ontario that can go towards becoming an Accredited Mediator. Please go to the course websites for information on fees, course material, dates and more information.

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