Internship Program

Internship at Riverdale Mediation

Riverdale Mediation offers opportunities for internships leading to certification, if the intern is able to achieve the necessary standard. At any given time we have several interns with different professional backgrounds, and we aim to assign an intern to each of our cases, both in our private practice and also in the court-connected mediation program offered via mediate393.

Interns will have the opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of a successful mediation and ADR practice and benefit from direct supervision and feedback from their supervising mediator/s.  Where feasible, interns will have the opportunity to work with all Riverdale associates and some of the roster mediators at mediate393, and will be exposed to on-site mediation, off-site mediation and private mediation, mediation-arbitration and parenting coordination practice. Interns may be offered an opportunity to assist or volunteer with our courses as well.

Not all internships result in certification. We cannot guarantee that the intern will obtain the number of hours or cases required. The success of the internship will depend upon the principal’s assessment of the intern’s skills. It is possible that an intern could participate in a full internship without achieving the qualifications for certification.

Internship Program Structure

Our internship program is structured sequentially. The intern begins with a period of research and observation, followed by a period of co-mediation, and then, if the intern is approved, a period of sole mediation. All steps of our internship program are fully supervised by accredited mediators. Interns are involved in all stages of a file, from initial contact with the clients and counsel, intake/screening interviews, pre-mediation preparation, mediations, follow up, drafting memoranda arising from the mediation, continued correspondence with parties and counsel, and file closing. Extensive briefing and de-briefing takes place before and after each contact with the clients.

Duration of the Program

The length of the program depends on each intern’s own schedule. Those who are available full time can complete their internship in a few months; others take more than one year. The more available you are, the greater opportunity you will have. Scheduling mediations is challenging and the schedules of the clients always take priority.

Other Program Benefits

Interns attend monthly meetings together and also with the mediate393 roster of mediators and Information and Referral Coordinators. Our interns are entitled to attend selected Riverdale Mediation Ltd. courses either at a discounted rate, or for free. We also provide periodic specialized training for our interns. Interns benefit as well (DELETE as well) from free admission to the education programs delivered at the Provincial Courts (the Open Bar Series at 311 Jarvis and the 47 Sheppard Court Workshop Series.), email information updates, and opportunities to contribute to the Riverdale Mediation Ltd. website, newsletter and blog.

Internship Fee

Mediation interns pay a fixed fee for the internship. This fee is intended to cover the administrative costs of the internship and the time of the supervising mediators. For more information contact
We reserve the right to decline and terminate internships.
All interns must also have mediation and arbitration liability insurance.

Internship Pre-requisites

We accept interns from any training program that is recognized by one or more of the certifying organizations. Applicants must have completed:

(a) at least 60 hours of basic and advanced mediation training consisting of two of the following three courses:

  • 21 hours of Conflict, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution training or equivalent—
  • 40 Hours of Mediation Skills training or equivalent
  • 21 hours of Advanced Mediation Skills training or equivalent

(b) 30 hours of Family Law training


(c) 21 hours of Screening for Power Imbalances and Family Violence training

Exceptions to the above requirements may be made on a case by case basis.

Note that training with Riverdale Mediation Ltd. does not guarantee an internship. We do not accept all applicants and reserve the right to terminate or suspend internships in appropriate circumstances.

Please see Overview of Courses and Course Packages for more course information.

Internship Application 

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