Family Mediation, Family Arbitration, and Parenting Coordination Courses

Our mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination training courses are designed for students who seek challenging and practical adult education.

Our accomplished lead trainers all have masters’ degrees and bring years of research, practice and teaching experience. We partner with co-trainers, speakers and coaches who, like us, stay current as the ideas that shape our field evolve.

Our priority is to deliver well-designed, relevant and updated material that equips our students to engage in their chosen field of work more effectively.

Mediation Certification and Accreditation

Most students taking our courses are intending to become certified by one of Ontario’s professional organizations for family mediators, arbitrators and parenting coordinators.

But many others just want to learn and apply new skills in their existing careers, and they come from a wide array of backgrounds and career stages.

Our family mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination certification programs includes all the courses required for certification or accreditation as a family mediator, arbitrator or parenting coordinator with the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO). Our family mediation program is also designed to meet the requirements for accreditation with the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM) and the ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO).

Most of our family mediation students have achieved success in prior careers in related fields such as law, psychology or social work. Others have post-secondary education in a related field and diverse work experience. Some are new graduates looking to begin a career in family mediation. We urge all students to consider the educational and/or experiential pre-requisites of the organizations they may wish to join.

Our family arbitration and parenting coordination students also are often mature professionals with related education and experience working with families or the law.

Our training program is intensive, interactive, energized. Many of our students form career-long friendships and professional associations.

Our training is accredited by the Law Society of Ontario for both professionalism and EDI hours.

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Upcoming 2023-2024 Courses

Course Packages Available for Mediation, Arbitration and Parenting Coordination!

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Mediator-In-Training (MIT) Program

Although family mediation is technically an unregulated profession, most successful mediators voluntarily seek to be accredited by one of the organizations that provide such designations.

All designations require specific training and specified experience. Riverdale Mediation’s Mediator-In-Training (MIT) Program has provided many dozens of student family mediators the opportunity to gain such experience.