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Family mediation, family arbitration, and parenting coordination courses Our mediation training courses are designed for professionals who seek challenging adult education. Our mediation training students are also keen to use their alternate dispute resolution skills to help diffuse and solve some of the world’s bigger problems and conflicts, in their own communities and countries. We draw students from every walk of life, at every career stage. It makes for a rewarding experience, both for mediation students and mediation trainers. Many of our students form friendships and partnerships long after their training is completed. Our accomplished lead mediation trainers all have Masters degrees, backed by extensive research and teaching experience. We partner with other professionals who are, like us, seeking out the evolution of ideas that are shaping the future of the mediation industry. In every mediation training session, our students learn from each other’s experiences. The collective learning of a community is always very powerful. Canada has had a policy of multiculturalism since the 1970s. And, since Canada has such an enviable reputation on the world stage—as a country that welcomes many different immigrant groups and where peoples of many cultures continue to live relatively harmoniously as well as our internationally recognized peace-keeping abilities—means that Riverdale Mediation is well positioned to help train the leaders of tomorrow. Our training is accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. Our Family Mediation Training program starts in September or January— depending on which courses you need— and is finished by November of the following year. The Parenting Coordination Training program and Family Arbitration Certificate programs, which include some of the same courses as the Family Mediation program, run during the same time period. Our International & Civil Mediation program takes place every February.

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Although family mediation is technically an unregulated profession, most successful mediators voluntarily seek to be accredited by one of the organizations that provide such designations.

All designations require specific training and specified experience. Riverdale Mediation’s Internship Program has provided many dozens of student family mediators the opportunity to gain such experience.