Family Mediation Information Night

Are you thinking about becoming a family mediator? If so, you probably have some questions such as:

  • what training do I need to become a family mediator?
  • what does it cost and how long does the family mediation training process take?
  • which organizations offer family mediation certification / accreditation?
  • what are the work opportunities for family mediators?
  • how does one start and build a practice?

To answer these and many other questions, Riverdale will host an annual “Family Mediation Information” night. Our next session is:

Spring 2020 (Date TBD)
5:30 – 7:00 pm
393 University Ave., 20th Floor, Suite 2000, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1E6

For a nominal fee, those in attendance will meet one of our lead trainers, Hilary Linton, as well as experienced meditators, to discuss the family mediation training process and answer your questions!

Food and beverage will be provided.

We hope to see you there!


Interested in attending our next Family Mediation Information Night?

Please extend my thanks to the team for last night's Family Mediation information night. I enjoyed the format and found the information provided practical, insightful and useful to me as I consider training in this area. The small group format allowed for networking as well as space and time for individual questions to be answered. I left feeling more knowledgeable about mediation and inspired to get on with my learning! Many thanks- this was exactly what I was looking for.