International & Civil Mediation Training

Our unique International & Civil Mediation training course is built on our experience training police officers and community leaders in the Caribbean for the IMPACT Justice project (Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean).

This project, funded by the Government of Canada, was designed to enhance dispute resolution processes and capacity throughout the CARICOM nations, with a focus on resolving disputes before litigation, using negotiation and mediation techniques.

Since 1971, Canada has had an official policy of multiculturalism. In 1982, multiculturalism was recognized in section 27 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Immigrants from all four corners of the globe come to Canada to build a new life here. Canada has earned a well deserved reputation as a country where peoples of many cultures coexist peacefully.

Civil Mediation Training and Multiculturalism

In addition, Canada also has had a credible reputation since the 1950s as peace keepers to the world, through the work of the United Nations. When cultures in other countries have differences of opinion, Canadians help to work through them using mediation and negotiation techniques. Canadians have developed a knack for peaceful resolution of conflict, worldwide.

Our 40-hour International & Civil Mediation training course combines essential theory and practical experience, and will equip anyone seeking to develop their potential for conflict resolution in a community, organizational or legal context.

Students taking our International & Civil Mediation training course will learn how to:

  • Identify the real sources of the conflict
  • Help parties prepare to negotiate effectively
  • Be comfortable with any negotiation tactic or strategy
  • Overcome impasses caused by different negotiation styles
  • Work with difficult situations of high emotion
  • Help parties exchange proposals and move their mediation forward
  • Assess whether there is any risk of danger to the mediator or parties
  • Know when it is time to end a mediation
  • Effectively document mediation outcomes
    and more.

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The ability of the mediation coaches/speakers to explain and hand information to the students in a manner all could understand. They interacted with students at all levels. Enjoyed every minute of this international mediation course.

" The role plays were very educational and really aided us in the role as Mediators. Also, the speakers and coaches were really informative and kept our interest in the seminar. "

" I love the role play and the way the presenters made sure we understood all that was said and when they did the summary after each class. "

" The ability of the facilitator to be able to effectively disseminate information and make use of practical scenario’s to apply the knowledge gained. "

" It was very informative especially coming from not having any information about mediation. "

" The way we were not just placed on the spot to do the role plays, but we were given time and the instructor were with us to clarify any given situations or difficulties when occurred before we actually did the role plays. "

" The information received was valuable. It has opened up my ideas into the correct and appropriate process of mediation. "

" The manner in which it was facilitated gave me a new perspective to how to assist parties to remedy their situations. "

" I like how speakers interact with everyone, the way they made things so easy, group discussions…they were really great. "

" The level of interaction and how interactive and friendly the facilitators were. Even though some of the material was unfamiliar to our culture, the facilitators made it easy for us to feel confident in carrying out our roles. "

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