Parenting Coordination is an evolving Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process for separating and divorced parents who are unable to resolve day-to-day disagreements about their children.

It is considered a form of mediation-arbitration, which means the practice is governed by Ontario’s Family Law Act, Arbitration Act, and special Regulation under that Act for family arbitrators.

Parenting coordination is a highly sophisticated and well-structured process of dispute resolution for high-conflict parents that includes education, coaching, support, mediation, child and other interviews, and, where necessary, arbitration (decision-making.) Parenting coordinators are often working with very high-conflict parents who seek this specialized service to help them reduce conflict for the sake of their children.

Do I need to be a Family Mediator before I can become a Parenting Coordinator?

It is strongly recommended that you obtain your family mediation accreditation or certification, and have some experience mediating parenting plans, before taking the training to become a parenting coordinator.

This is because parenting coordination is arguably the most challenging of the family dispute resolution process options.

Our Parenting Coordination Training program anticipates the possibility that exceptional candidates might take their mediation and parenting coordination training simultaneously. We also offer a hybrid mediation-parenting coordination internship option for qualified candidates. However, most candidates for the parenting coordination certification training program will be experienced family mediators.

Why is the training for Parenting Coordination so Extensive?

The training required for Ontario’s professional designation for Parenting Coordinators (Certified Specialist in Parenting Coordination) is extensive.

This is because parenting coordination is highly challenging work. As a parenting coordinator, you will require expertise in many areas and high-level skills. Quality mediation training is therefore essential. Because parenting coordination includes family arbitration, it is important for candidates to be well-versed in family arbitration law and skills.

Our Leading Parenting Coordination Trainers are Experienced; Our program is Comprehensive

Our parenting coordination teaching team consists of leading, experienced professionals. We offer the complete suite of courses required for the designation FDRP-PC, Certified Specialist in Parenting Coordination, including Basic Parenting Coordination, Advanced Parenting Coordination, Screening for Power Imbalances, including Family Violence and more. As leaders in the parenting coordination practice, we can offer training and an internship that will expose students to real life experience.

Like all forms of family arbitration, parenting coordination is a high skill and high risk practice. Parenting coordinators must be highly trained and experienced to avoid doing harm to parents or their children that can result from failed or mis-managed processes. As well, parenting coordinators must comply with the requirements of the Ministry of the Attorney General and their training must equip them to do so. Failure to understand these requirements can expose parenting coordinators to complaints made to their professional bodies, legal claims and harms suffered by them, their clients or the children of their clients.


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Q&A - Parenting Coordination Training

Q: Why take Parenting Coordination training?

A: Parenting Coordination (PC) is the newest of the process options for separating parents. It is an evolving process, one that is not regulated in Ontario— unlike many other jurisdictions that have legislation and/or Rules of the Court that address PC practice. In Ontario, Parenting Coordination is entirely a matter of private contract between the professional providing the service and the parents.

PC is designed for high conflict parents who need help with managing and implementing their parenting plans. It is a highly sophisticated process that includes education, coaching, mediation, and arbitration. Those providing the service should seek to “do no harm”, as they are working with vulnerable people—including children. Given the unregulated nature of this process in Ontario, professionals providing this service should seek to do in accordance with the highest of professional standards. Quality training is one way of seeking to achieve this goal.

Q: Which organizations provide professional designations for Parenting Coordinators?

A: In Ontario one organization has developed a Parenting Coordination designation:

Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO)


Q: Why take Parenting Coordination Training with Riverdale?

A: Our lead trainers in Parenting Coordination are also highly experienced PCs. Our teaching team consists of experienced, professional trainers, and our PC courses are highly acclaimed by those who have taken them.