Family Mediation Certification Program

A BIG heartfelt thank you, Hilary, for everything. It has been an incredible learning journey.

As horrible as the pandemic has been, the opportunity to attend Riverdale’s training online has been a significant silver lining. With two children under four at home, I would have never been able to attend in person in Toronto.

I do hope our paths cross in the future!

— Jenna Preston, Lawyer
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Mediator-In-Training (MIT) Program

I immensely enjoyed the training with Riverdale and learned a lot. The team at Riverdale and Mediate393 provide top-notch service to clients and the training provided to MIT's is excellent.

— Leena Kumar
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Family Law (30 Hours)

Thank you so much for everything. This course has delivered in every way. I appreciate the extra support throughout.

It was a really great, interactive, engaging, and hugely educational course! As an individual fairly new to the family law area, this was incredibly informative.

I like the knowledge that was shared by the facilitators, and Hillary's ability to take into consideration the diverse skill sets that we bring to the training and address these areas as most likely are the areas that we will be focusing our work.

Viewing the impact of family violence through interlocking, intersectional and ethnocultural lens: screening for family violence and supporting victims from newcomer and ethnocultural minority identity groups.

I thought the (Zoom) format worked really well. I didn't know what to expect with a Zoom meeting all day but I have been pleasantly surprised. It still feels connected like an in person class.

I can't believe I absorbed so much information in 4 days

Outstanding course!!! Beyond expectations. A real eye-opener. It should be mandatory for anyone contemplating mediation in this area.

Overall amazing course. Jam-packed with information, well-paced, great discussions. The remote format was very successful. Hilary did an exceptional job answering all our questions and keeping us on track. The summary test questions really helped as a review of each day's content.

Ken was fantastic and very engaging! He used very simple language to effectively teach non-lawyer students.

Well laid out agenda and connection of content between speakers. it all flowed well.

An excellent overview of the field as a whole!

I really appreciated, Madame Hilary's real work experience, as a court base mediator her examples, her teachings, her relations i was able to associate and relate. I am very happy that i'm finally taking her training! I also appreciate her to the point, clear, informative style of teaching. I liked that she kept the focus on the actual material she had set up to deliver.

The facilitators were all excellent. It was very educational to have different presenters. Level of knowledge was very high. All were able to explain complex concepts into understandable English.

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Screening for Power Imbalances Including Intimate Partner Violence (21 Hours)

I wanted to thank you... You really provide so much useful information and practical application within your online courses. It's amazing how much you provide in three days. I learned so much!

Great material, great discussion. Loved the input from coaches. Wonderful opportunity for self-reflection.

The role play with coaches was excellent for applying what we have learned, and for finding out where more learning needs to happen.

Valuable information for all family lawyers, delivered in a practical and productive format by leading faculty.

The depth and overall material covered in this course were very useful.

Really great course content. Both the presentations and written materials were interesting and helpful. Really opened my eyes.

Your work offers us the ability to make our mediation and collaborative process safe. It offered me a whole new way of working, of being able to reach far further along the continuum of challenging couples and of doing this work with far more satisfaction.

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Basic Family Mediation: Theory & Skills (40 Hours)

Thank you for all your work during this very high-quality mediation training. I am so impressed with the depth and sophistication of the training and approach to mediation.

An excellent overview of the field as a whole, and I understand clearly how much I have to learn!

I enjoyed the practical information about starting a practice of mediation.

Wonderful coaches and Mediators who are impacted knowledge with a lot of enthusiasm. Thanks so much for providing quality training.

The interactive nature of the course. The teachers did a great job of sharing personal stories reflecting core materials which allowed for greater understanding. Really enjoyed the stories the whole class discussion brought.

Clear Information, helpful teachers, open to answering and addressing all questions and concerns.

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Advanced Family Mediation: Theory & Skills (21 Hours)

The opportunity to work with the actors was amazing and, as always, receiving feedback from coaches.

I would highly recommend this course to professionals… lawyers, social workers, mental health professionals.

The role plays and coaching were invaluable. The feedback and direction from coaches (and even actors) was very constructive.

This has been the best experience that I have had as an adult learner… What made it so was the theory taken into practice with coaches and professional actors. Fantastic!

The quality of the materials and exercises was matched by the experience and enthusiasm of the instructors and coaches.

The structure of the course was well thought out. Everything else was fantastic. Thank you!

Doing the roll play was good practice. I liked mediating with the actors!

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Family Relations (14 / 21 Hours)

Jared (the instructor) was superb. One of the best presenters I have ever seen. He thoroughly knows the subject matter and easily holds interest.

The content was incredible and very relevant. The topics were really interesting. The amount and type of role play were also very useful.

Very interesting for me as a non-mental health professional. It covered a lot of subjects and very relevant to mediation. It created new insights and material for thought. Jared is an amazing trainer and knows how to hold interest. My absolute favorite part of the training was Triena's presentation and her handouts are very clear and useful!

Jared is an excellent lecturer; clear, well paced, knowledgeable, kind, open to questions, patient.

The knowledge and dynamics about the family and the roles that all members play. Allows you to get your mindset in the right direction of the family relations.

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Family Arbitration Law & Skills (40 Hours)

Thank you so much for such a great course. I really enjoyed the mock arbitration at the end, especially because of the involvement of the actors and dedicated coach. I am sure it was logistically difficult to plan out and implement, but it was so worth it from my perspective as a student!

As a non-lawyer, content was provided in a way we understand. Excellent experiences shared that provided practical understanding. Handbook is a great resource.

It's great to have a variety of speakers styles and experiences.

Having great guest speakers is a nice way to add other experiences. The role play is always a good way to try out the skills.

Great job of making it accessible to both lawyers and non-lawyers and keeping questions focused and on track.

This was an excellent course – probably the best course I have had in all of my Mediation and PC training. It was a very intense course delivered in a logical and progressive manner. For mental health professionals who are doing PC it is an absolute must. The thought of having to proceed with an Arbitration and delivering an award was intimidating in that I did not feel comfortable knowing I had full knowledge of the law and the process.

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Basic Parenting Coordination (14 Hours)

The course info was well covered and applicable to the topic! The trainer was excellent and engaging…self-reflective and insightful.

Very engaged, knowledgeable presenters. Good balance between Clinicians and Legal Professional.

I loved Jared, he is an excellent instructor! I got so much from him. He kept me engaged the entire two days.

Well delivered, and space for discussions/questions

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Advanced Parenting Coordination (14 Hours)

I enjoyed the personal experience / stories. This is hard work! The practical information is invaluable.

I liked the knowledge and experience of the presenters. Supportive, insightful and fun too!

It was very informative. I appreciated the group discussions.

Enjoyed the role plays, as well as following a file form start to finish.

I liked the role-playing, especially watching the instructors in a role play.

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10-Hour Update on Identifying, Assessing and Managing Power Imbalances and Risk In FDR

My experiences with Riverdale Mediation courses has been exemplary. Each course I have taken is full of valuable, relevant content and learning sessions that truly teach us. The 10-hour Update on Identifying, Accessing and Managing Power Imbalances and risk in FDR continues in that stead. It was a wonderfully jam-packed day that included content that I would never had known had I not attended the course. Thanks to Hilary and Elizabeth for providing another Riverdale Mediation course that does not disappoint and has advanced my understanding of this important issue. Given the focus of the new Divorce Act on domestic violence, this course is a must-attend for all.

— Kathy Batycky

Materials very good; well-organized; provides for re-visiting and referencing. Your experience and insight provided a basis for meaningful answers and insights over a broad range of mediation issues.

Fabulous resource material. The instructors were impeccably professional generous with their knowledge.

(Great) diversity of participants – backgrounds, knowledge, and skill level, enthusiasm and openness to sharing.

Very important subject matter presented in a very helpful way.

You did an excellent job of delivering the training and I genuinely appreciate your dedication to the job at hand. You added a lot of value to the process. Thanks.

High level of intellectual content – much of it “new” information and presenters are current.

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14-Hour Update on Screening for Power Imbalances and Family Violence

My experiences with Riverdale Mediation courses has been exemplary. Each course I have taken is full of valuable, relevant content and learning sessions that truly teach us.

Informative and practical. Hillary is not only a skilled presenter but also a skilled facilitator.

Excellent program. In addition to covering the “hard core” screening/med/arb issues, what a great reminder of the multiple intelligences we must foster and draw on in order to meet best practices.

Deep dive into the social science, research and evidence around this work.

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