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The (Unique) Perils of The PC Process

The parenting coordination process is a difficult one for both clients and PCs. Invariably there is one parent who is more committed; or is driving the process. In addition, once the arbitration phase of the process has been utilized, the losing parent usually disengages altogether. Throw in the fact that many parents have not been fully educated on the process …

Mediating Through a Tropical Storm: Training in Dominica

Jared, Regina, Caroline and I are sitting in the dining room of the Fort Young Hotel in the capital of Dominica, Roseau. The dining room is actually an old fort which was built by the British in 1771 after they had seized the old fort from the French. We arrived on Saturday after an hour and a half drive through …

The Power Of Lasagne

We have been training community mediators in Grenada and St Kitts over the past month. The participants come from all walks of life and include teachers, pastors, retired government employees, social workers, police officers and youth workers. Many of the fact scenarios we have used in our role plays have their roots in North American culture but play out in …

BIFF, EAR and other effective conflict resolution skills

The mediate393 roster members and guests just spent 2 days listening and practicing the skills and techniques of Bill Eddy. With over 1500 mediations to his credit, Bill is a master at dealing with high conflict and personality disordered clients. His methods for dealing with this client population are ones that we can all integrate into our own practices and …

Are you lost in litigation?

If you are spending tens of thousands of dollars in court, consider trying mediation…. MORE

How to reduce the high costs of divorce?

What the Toronto Star story about the high costs of divorce missed: mediation is now available at no charge to anyone in family court in Toronto. What better way to reduce the high costs of divorce? MORE

Resolving conflict in special education

Associate Elizabeth Hyde observes capacity building in special education in action. MORE

Your will and mediation

The Kaptyn estate/family dispute has the wealth and high profile personalities to capture media attention. But the problems that Justice David Brown is trying to resolve in that case are hardly unique. MORE


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