10-Hour Update
on Identifying, Assessing and Managing Power Imbalances and Risk In FDR

Materials very good; well-organized; provides for re-visiting and referencing. Your experience and insight provided a basis for meaningful answers and insights over a broad range of mediation issues.

This program has been accredited for 3.0 Professionalism Hours and is eligible for up to 7.0 hours of Substantive Content. 

This one-day intensive program is designed to provide the bi-annual training on “screening for power imbalances” in arbitration as required by Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General. Using lectures, real case studies, statute and case law review, social science research and precedents, students will be introduced to:

  • What are the predictors of risk?
  • Examples of high-risk cases
  • Culture and Power Imbalance in FDR practice
  • Demonstration of a screening/intake interview
  • Screening in court-connected mediation and in med-arb.
  • Understanding suicide risks
  • Understanding safety planning
  • Effective third-party screening processes
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$300 + HST

September 27, 2019

Law Chambers - 393 University Ave. (20th Floor, Suite 2000), Toronto, ON

Guest Speakers





Elizabeth Hyde

Substantive Content

7 hours


You did an excellent job of delivering the training and I genuinely appreciate your dedication to the job at hand. You added a lot of value to the process. Thanks.

(Great) diversity of participants – backgrounds, knowledge, and skill level, enthusiasm and openness to sharing.

Fabulous resource material. Hilary and Christine are impeccably professional generous with their knowledge.

High level of intellectual content – much of it “new” information and presenters are current.

A wide variety of issues with very practical applications.

Very important subject matter presented in a very helpful way.

I am surprised by how much I learned. Not because of the instruction, but because I came in feeling that I had been through this type of material several times before. Thank you for the ongoing education and a change to revisit what I thought I knew.

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on Identifying, Assessing and Managing Power Imbalances and Risk In FDR
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