Advanced Family Mediation:
Theory & Skills (21 Hours)

I would highly recommend this course to professionals… lawyers, social workers, mental health professionals.


1. Family Law (30 hours)
2. Screening for Family Violence (21 hours)
3. Basic Family Mediation: Theory & Skills (40 hours)


This role-play based three-day workshop features experienced mediators, professional actors, experienced coaches and expert guest speakers. It will focus on advanced level skills training and is designed to partially meet the certification requirements of the OAFM, FDRIO and ADRIO. Through lectures, group discussion, video demonstrations, guest speakers, readings, role plays and one-on-one coaching you will learn:

  • Review of conflict and negotiation theory
  • Advanced strategies and skills for persuasive negotiation
  • Advanced skills for effective mediation
  • The impact of domestic violence and abuse on parents, children and mediation process
  • Understanding the impact of cultural differences in negotiation and mediation process
  • Mediating disputes related to child support, spousal support and parenting
  • The impact of conflict on children and parents
  • The role of financial professionals
  • Preparing DIVORCEmate reports and NFP Statement reports
  • Effective parenting plans: strategies for moderate & high conflict families
  • Mediating child support, spousal support and property division
  • Building and maintaining your practice

For further savings see:

Family Mediation Course Package A for Family Lawyers

Family Mediation Course Package B for Mental Health Professionals (MHPs)

Family Mediation Course Package C for Other Professionals

$975 + HST

May 18, 19 & 20, 2022


Guest Speakers

Kat Bellamano, Victoria Tundo, and Arlene H. Henry, QC

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hilary Linton, Regina Thompson, Raheena Dahya, Hon. Lydia M. Barchynsky Olah, Nicole Stewart Kamanga and Caroline Felstiner

1. Family Law (30 hours)
2. Basic Family Mediation: Theory & Skills (40 hours)
3. Screening for Family Violence (21 hours).

Doing the roll play was good practice. I liked mediating with the actors!

Case studies provided (were) relevant and interesting. Subject matter appropriate. The actors are an amazing component to the course. We learnt so much from them.

Pre-group discussion and coaches helped facilitate learning opportunities.

The role plays and coaching were invaluable. The feedback and direction from coaches (and even actors) was very constructive.

I enjoyed the role plays and concrete feedback from coaches an actor as we went along. Great to have immediate suggestions / conversations.

The structure of the course was well thought out. Everything else was fantastic. Thank you!

I really enjoyed the freedom to conduct the meditation without the assistance of the coaches. It was both a scary experience and a valuable one for me.

Clear and positive interaction with the speakers.

It was great having dedicated observer for role plays.

Very much enjoyed Jared’s presentation; found the topic very interesting from a mental health/social worker perspective. Role plays and fish bowl exercises very useful.

The quality of the materials and exercises was matched by the experience and enthusiasm of the instructors and coaches.

This has been the best experience that I have had as an adult learner… What made it so was the theory taken into practice with coaches and professional actors. Fantastic!

Extraordinary course – thought-provoking, thorough, highly organized!

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Theory & Skills (21 Hours)
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