Advanced Parenting
Coordination (14 Hours)

I enjoyed the personal experience / stories. This is hard work! The practical information is invaluable.

This interactive two-day workshop explores the fundamentals of the Parenting Coordination (PC) process. It will assist professionals to:

  • identifying challenging characteristics of high conflict parents and techniques for working effectively with them
  • interventions in the PC process for visitation resistance and refusal
  • the role of the PC in families with disputes about the parenting of infants and toddlers
  • practical hands-on tools for identifying, assessing and managing seemingly intractable conflict
  • interventions to disarm embattled parents
  • providing due process and procedural fairness when decisions must be made
  • an update on relevant Ontario arbitration law
  • techniques for managing team collaboration
  • coaching parents on communication skills
  • The importance of writing clear, concise and precise agreements, recommendations or decisions

NoteFDRIO is currently the only organization that offers certification for the PC designation (FDRP PC). Please visit their website for further information on the FDRP PC Designation (including training requirements).

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$850 + HST

October 20 & 21, 2022


Guest Speakers

Borzou Tabrizi and Hilary Linton

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Elizabeth Hyde and Jared Norton

Basic mediation training (Acc. F.M. / Cert. F.M.)
Mediation experience
Basic Parenting Coordination (14 Hours)

Substantive Content
Previously 8 hours and 15 minutes of Substantive Content


I liked the role playing, especially watching the instructors in a role play.

Better understanding of the process and role of PC.

I liked the knowledge and experience of the presenters. Supportive, insightful and fun too!

Very practical and relevant information.

I enjoyed the role plays, as well as following a file form start to finish.

It was very informative. I appreciated the group discussions.

(I really liked) The input on the type of clients so typically use PC.

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Coordination (14 Hours)
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