Basic Family Mediation: Theory & Skills (40 Hours)

Excellent course! Elizabeth and Hilary are great, as are the presenters that were brought in. Lots of information, and great environment for learning.

This intensive five-day program is designed to provide the fundamentals of family mediation. Featuring experienced mediators and academics in conflict theory and analysis; seminal readings about conflict, disputing and mediation; role plays; case studies; exercises; class discussion; take-home assignments;  and extensive resource information.

  • Basic mediation theory and skills
  • The skills and attitudes of good mediators
  • Various dispute resolution processes
  • The nature, causes and “drivers” of conflict
  • Conflict analysis
  • Basic negotiation theory and skills
  • Addressing power imbalances in mediation process design
  • Overview of mediation ethics, standards & roles
  • Sources of negotiation power that parties have or believe they have, and how this impacts family dispute resolution
  • Preparing a family mediation agreement
  • Setting the mediation table
  • Debriefing and reporting
  • Different approaches to mediation
  • Drafting settlement documents
  • Communication and problem-solving skills

For further savings see:

Family Mediation Course Package A for Family Lawyers

Family Mediation Course Package B for Mental Health Professionals (MHPs)

Family Mediation Course Package C for Other Professionals


$1,800 + HST

reg. $1,950 + HST

November 7, 8, 11, 12 & 13, 2019

YWCA - 87 Elm Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON

Guest Speakers



9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Hilary Linton and Elizabeth Hyde


(1) 21-Hours in "Screening for Power Imbalances" training, and/or
(2) 30 Hours in "Family Law" training

Substantive Content



I enjoyed being able to observe a longer mediation process and learn a variety of different tools from peers.

I enjoy the roleplay and the feedback associated with it!

Wonderful coaches and Mediators who have impacted knowledge with a lot of enthusiasm. Thanks so much for providing quality training.

I enjoyed the practical information about starting a practice of mediation.

I liked the interactive nature of the course. The teachers did a great job of sharing personal stories reflecting core materials which allowed for greater understanding. Really enjoyed the stories the whole class discussion brought.

I really liked watching an example of an opening and hear the different approaches from the speakers. I liked the checklists provided for preparing for the mediation and important information to include in the opening.

Watching and participating in the role plays as well as receiving feedback afterward.

I thought the question/answer/tips from the pros part was incredibly helpful! And as usual, the role-play.

The effective use of time. The delivery of important information was thorough yet succinct, leaving time for questions and role-play.

Excellent sequence and logic to presentation of material. Very engaging and interesting…

Collegial, pleasant atmosphere and I liked the people.

Clear Information, helpful teachers, open to answering and addressing all questions and concerns.

I liked the enthusiasm of the instructors, the applicability of the theory and the problems we see daily in practice.

An excellent overview of the field as a whole, and I understand clearly how much I have to learn!

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