Family Law (21 / 30 Hours)

I can't believe I absorbed so much information in 4 days


This 30+ hour course offers learners an accessible and engaging overview of the key considerations that family mediators, arbitrators, and parenting coordinators need to know. As more clients come to FDR processes without legal representation, it is increasingly important for those FDR professionals to ensure that their clients understand the legal implications of settlement options.
In particular, FDR professionals should be able to recognize:
  • the legal rights and responsibilities in play
  • the applicable statutes, guidelines and case law
  • the range of process options available to the parties to reach outcomes; and
  • the range of outcomes that a lawyer or court would consider appropriate.

Through engaging live and recorded lectures, live TA sessions, additional reading, and online learning and test questions following each segment, this course provides a comprehensive overview of family law.


*30 hours of family law training is required by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General for anyone providing Parenting Coordination and Family Arbitration services. As well, the Riverdale Mediation Internship Program requires applicants to have at least 30 hours of family law training.

For further savings see:

Family Mediation Course Package B for Mental Health Professionals (MHPs)

Family Mediation Course Package C for Other Professionals


$1,025 + HST

reg. $1,075 + HST

February 10, 11, 17 & 18, 2022


Guest Speakers


9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hilary Linton
This course is required for professionals who are not family lawyers and wish to register for our Basic Family Negotiation and Mediation course.
Substantive Content
26 Hours


I am terrible with technology but I found the platform (LMS) very simple to use. I enjoyed the videos, and as a non- lawyer, I found the course to be of great benefit to me as it has given me a better understanding of the law.

I like the knowledge that was shared by the facilitators, and Hillary's ability to take into consideration the diverse skill sets that we bring to the training and address these areas as most likely are the areas that we will be focusing our work.

It was a really great, interactive, engaging, hugely educational day!
As an individual fairly new to the family law area, day one was incredibly informative.

I liked the fact that the trainer knew how complexity of my area of work, and immediately honed in on some key Human rights etc. Thank you.

I thought the (Zoom) format worked really well. I didn't know what to expect with a Zoom meeting all day but I have been pleasantly surprised. It still feels connected like an in person class.

The maturity of speakers who endorsed and reiterated knowledge from the texts. The reading and questions asked of the guest speakers were seamless and empowering students

Ken was fantastic and very engaging! He used very simple language to effectively teach non-lawyer students.

I really enjoyed the discussions on child support and in particular Ken Nathan's segment on the Divorcemate calculations. Lots of very useful information.

I really appreciated, Madame Hilary's real work experience, as a court base mediator her examples, her teachings, her relations i was able to associate and relate. I am very happy that i'm finally taking her training! I also appreciate her to the point, clear, informative style of teaching. I liked that she kept the focus on the actual material she had set up to deliver.

Overall amazing course. Jam-packed with information, well-paced, great discussions. The remote format was very successful. Hilary did an exceptional job answering all our questions and keeping us on track. The summary test questions really helped as a review of each day's content.

I really enjoy the personal interactions and getting to know my instructors and fellow students.

Well laid out agenda and connection of content between speakers. it all flowed well.

Exceptional speakers combined with Hilary's great instruction and feedback made for an amazing day.

An excellent overview of the field as a whole!

Exposure to foundational issues, confidence in instructors.

An extremely well-balanced approach of the breadth and depth of family law that can be covered in a 30-hour course.

Generally, I found it informative and detailed enough to feel (like) I have a grasp of the legal concepts. Presenters were positive yet realistic, and answered questions well and interacted with each other well.

Hilary’s passion for the field is infectious and so evident in how she presents her material and in the fantastic guest speakers who we had the pleasure of hearing. It is understandable why Riverdale has a great reputation as the foremost in Mediation education.

The facilitators were all excellent. It was very educational to have different presenters. Level of knowledge was very high. All were able to explain complex concepts into understandable English.

Really enjoyed hearing from different speakers – broke up the day. Appreciated the professional stories; humour is great!

Content was great. Instructor’s worked towards need of the students, based on what their needs would be.

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