Screening for Power Imbalances Including Intimate Partner Violence (21 Hours)

The transitions from speakers to power point to videos to group work was well thought out to keep us awake and interested!

This program contains 13 hours and 55 minutes of Professionalism Content and 1 hour and 15 minutes of EDI Professionalism Content.


Understanding the sources of negotiation power is critical for effective family mediation, collaborative practice, and negotiation. 14 hours of training in Screening for Domestic Violence is required by the Ministry of the Attorney General for all family arbitrators and parenting coordinators. That training must be repeated every five years unless the arbitrator or parenting coordinator has arbitrated at least 10 matters during those five years.

The lead trainer, Hilary Linton, has provided equivalent training for family law professionals for government or regulatory agencies in British Columbia, Nunavut and Prince Edward Island, and has privately trained lawyers, arbitrators, parenting coordinators, mediators and collaborative professionals in the U.K., the U.S., South Africa, and across Canada. Coaches and co-trainers are experienced mediators, arbitrators, parenting coordinators and screening trainers, with knowledgeable and relevant guest speakers. Case studies, role plays and exercises are designed to teach family law professionals how to identify, assess and manage risk and power imbalances in their practices. Topics Include:

  • Understanding all sources of negotiation power and how they affect the parties
  • Appreciating the power of the mediator/arbitrator
  • How to recognize different types of family violence
  • A wide range of screening tools and reports
  • Best screening practices in family arbitration
  • How to safely refer clients to more appropriate processes
  • Safety planning and referrals to supportive resources
  • How to handle suicide risks
  • When to report to authorities
  • How to adapt your practice to meet the procedural needs of the parties



For further savings see:

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Family Mediation Course Package B for Mental Health Professionals (MHPs)

Family Mediation Course Package C for Other Professionals


$925 + HST

reg. $975 + HST

March 9, 10 & 11, 2022


Guest Speakers

Sonia Mills-Minster

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Elizabeth Hyde


Great organization of workshop days and material; Hands-on role-playing and discussions; I found the use of the coaches and feedback absolutely excellent!

I wanted to thank you... You really provide so much useful information and practical application within your online courses. It's amazing how much you provide in three days. I learned so much!

The role playing provided excellent practice even though it was humbling because I was unfamiliar with what I needed to do.

Valuable information for all family lawyers, delivered in a practical and productive format by leading faculty.

Everyone (especially Hillary) participated in a professional and respectful manner when addressing all questions, comments and concerns throughout the program that facilitated a positive learning environment.

The presenter was excellent. She was quite knowledgeable with the material, and kept it interesting and interactive. I enjoyed watching the role plays.

The role play with coaches was excellent for applying what we have learned, and for finding out where more learning needs to happen.

(I liked) The role plays, ability to speak and hear others comments, not “lecture style”. (I like) Hilary’s passion and Elizabeth’s sense of humour…great instructors!

…I definitely see the value in it (role play). It is extremely important to practice and hone your skills.

Great material, great discussion. Loved the input from coaches. Wonderful opportunity for self-reflection.

I found both the course and materials provided to be very helpful. The precedents for screening have proven invaluable in my practice.

The depth and overall material covered in this course were very useful.

Role plays and feedback were very worthwhile; Materials (manual & readings) are excellent.

Her presentation resulted in a redrafting of our intake forms in order to take advantage of her expertise.

Really great course content. Both the presentations and written materials were interesting and helpful. Really opened my eyes.

Your work offers us the ability to make our mediation and collaborative process safe. It offered me a whole new way of working, of being able to reach far further along the continuum of challenging couples and of doing this work with far more satisfaction.

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