Hilary Linton
Experienced Mediation Trainer

J.D., LL.M., FDRP. Med (Certified Specialist in Family Mediation), Acc. FM., Cert. F. Med., CP Med. (Certified Child Protection Mediator for Ontario), FDRP. Arb (Certified Specialist in Family Arbitration)

(416) 593-0210

Ms. Linton practised civil and family law for over a decade, focusing her practice on dispute resolution. She established Riverdale Mediation Ltd. in 2000, where she and colleagues provide affordable family mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination services, working with lawyers and with unrepresented parties.

Riverdale also offers widely acclaimed training including family mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination certificate programs, and custom-designed training for government departments, agencies, professional and faith-based ADR organizations, and law schools. Recent projects include the design and delivery of 8 weeks of mediation workshops and mentoring for community and civic leaders throughout the Caribbean, family arbitration and screening for power imbalances and domestic violence for parenting coordination professionals in Prince Edward Island, family violence training for lawyers, collaborative professionals, mediators and arbitrators in Halifax, Winnipeg and Toronto, and workshops for FDR professionals in Cape Town, South Africa.

Through Riverdale and with colleagues she has established a comprehensive family mediation internship program where she has the privilege of mentoring new professionals as they enter the field.

Hilary is honoured to have been selected to provide government funded family information and mediation services in Toronto’s Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice. Through mediate393, mediate311 and mediate47, she and several teams of outstanding professionals provide mediation and information services to separating couples in the courts, and subsidized family mediation to all separating couples who seek the service. She is dedicated helping the public access these affordable and high quality services.

A significant focus of Ms. Linton’s work is exploring the impact that imbalances of negotiation power and domestic violence have on dispute resolution, gaining knowledge and skills to manage them and sharing her expertise with colleagues. To contribute to a vibrant family dispute resolution community that emphasizes the importance of such dynamics, Hilary and three colleagues co-founded the Family Dispute Resolution Institute (FDRIO) in 2014 which now offers several professional designations and Standards of Practice that built on the “do no harm” principle. She is a past Director of the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM), a Founding Member of Collaborative Practice Toronto and a former chair of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) ADR Section. She is a long time supporter of Family Mediation Canada (FMC) and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts-Ontario.

Hilary holds professional FDR designations with Family Mediation Canada, the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, the Ontario Association of Family Mediation and the ADR Institute of Ontario. She is the 2014 recipient of the OBA Award of Excellence in ADR.


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Family lawyers should consider the education and training offered by Hilary Linton and Riverdale Mediation to be mandatory professional development. Hilary methodically teaches the theory and practice of interest-based negotiation, rapport building, and conflict management. More importantly, the diverse group of professionals that Riverdale attracts creates a unique learning environment for the exchange of fresh perspectives and novel ideas in the arena of family conflict. Hilary’s program is well designed for Family law specialists who wish to hone their skills and become better listeners, counselors, negotiators, and advocates. This should be a required program for any Family lawyer, including the most seasoned counsel, who need to sharpen their skills and be better equipped to serve separating parents and families.

Really enjoyed the course and benefitted greatly from the material shared and the expertise of all the presenters. Hilary was incredible. Thank you!

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