Our 2023 Family Mediation Training Schedule is Here!

The next cohort of our family mediation certificate program for mental health professionals starts in February 2023! (And for family lawyers in March 2023). For further details on our 2023 family mediation training schedule, click here to view our recent newsletter.

Enhanced Training Tech for 2022!

We are happy to release the first set of our animated, interactive quizzes!

As we migrate all our training to our new state-of-the-art Learning Management System, we are implementing varied technologies to keep our training current, interactive and interesting.

These engaging exercises are designed to help those interested in taking our training to know better if they are good candidates to become mediators, arbitrators, or parenting coordinators.

And they are intended to be fun!

Try them out and send us your feedback! This is *brand new* technology and we are excited to be among the first to launch it!!















Special Training Newsletter on Ontario Family Arbitration Course, Blog & Games!

Our latest training newsletter (December 2021) profiles the upcoming 40-Hour Ontario Family Arbitration course (Family Arbitration Law & Skills). As well, recent blog pieces by Retired Justice Clifford Nelson and family arbitrator Elizabeth Hyde, and our new interactive quiz! Check it out here.

Conversations About Domestic Violence in Family Law with 16 Experts

Hilary Linton is one of the 16 experts featured in this online, 6-part series on domestic violence (DV) / intimate partner violence (IPV) best practices in the family law environment in the US and Canada. This course is designed to educate anyone in family law on DV. For further information and registration, click here.

Bi-annual Family Arbitrators and PC Training Day set for January 2022

Hilary Linton and Elizabeth Hyde are both scheduled to speak at the upcoming “Bi-Annual Update on Power Imbalances and Family Violence in Family Arbitration and PC” event, scheduled for Saturday, January 15, 2022. This course meets MAG’s bi-annual training requirements for family arbitrators and parenting coordinators! For further information, click here to view the event flyer, and click here to register.