Family Arbitration Law & Skills (40 Hours)

As a non-lawyer, content was provided in a way we understand. Excellent experiences shared that provided practical understanding. Handbook is a great resource.


This 40 hour, highly interactive, role-play based course is designed to meet the requirements for the FDRP Arb (Certified Specialist in Family Arbitration) and FDRP PC (Certified Specialist in Parenting Coordination) designations offered by FDRIO.

It is critical for parenting coordinators and family arbitrators to have solid grasp of arbitration law and procedure. In this practical and in-depth course, students will learn:

Substantive Knowledge Base

  • Nature of conflict and conflict management, disputes and dispute resolution theory and principles, including definitions of ADR, negotiation, mediation, mediation-arbitration or med-arb, and arbitration)
  • Principles of applicable law
  • Arbitration Act, 1991, Family Arbitration Regulation, Family Law Act, and the family arbitration process
  • Area-specific terminology and practice

Core Training

  • Interviewing prospective participants to inform them of the family arbitration process and assist them in making an informed choice
  • Screening for domestic violence and power imbalances
  • Preparing a Family Arbitration Agreement
  • Conducting pre-hearing arbitration meeting(s)
  • Managing the family arbitration process
  • Appropriate communication skills and knowledge
  • Conducting the arbitration hearing
  • Application of the rules of evidence
  • Assessing evidence
  • Application of the applicable law
  • Preparing the family arbitration record, award, and arbitrator report
  • Adhering to FDRIO Standards of Practice and Standards of Practice for Family Arbitrators

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Family Arbitration Course Package B for Mental Health Professionals (MHPs)

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$1,500 + HST

January 14, 20, 21, 27 & 28, 2022


Guest Speakers

Cheryl Goldhart, Shmuel Stern, Seem Jain, Clayton Spencer, Ryan Kniznik, and Adam Black

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Alison Boyce, Retired Justice June Maresca, Retired Justice Clifford S. Nelson, Elizabeth Hyde, Hilary Linton, and Seema Jain
Parenting coordinators and family arbitrators
Substantive Content


I thought this program was top tier…the quality of the instructors and the participants were exceptional.

Thank you so much for such a great course. I really enjoyed the mock arbitration at the end, especially because of the involvement of the actors and dedicated coach. I am sure it was logistically difficult to plan out and implement, but it was so worth it from my perspective as a student!

I appreciated the different perspectives / styles of each instructor – plus their collective experiences helped to frame each aspect of the process in a realistic way.

Loved sitting at a round table. Made for great discussion setting. Also great small group role play.

Great job of making it accessible to both lawyers and non-lawyers and keeping questions focused and on track.

Having great guest speakers is a nice way to add other experiences. The role play is always a good way to try out the skills.

I was the arbitrator in the mock. I appreciated the feedback and the opportunity we had to let the scenario run through a full issue - and then closing submissions. The OPD session / video sparked excellent discussion and it was helpful to see other "players" and styles in the DR world.

Loved sitting at a round table. Made for great discussion setting. Also great small group role play.

Its great to have a variety of speakers styles and experiences.

The pace was good! Materials helpful and the collegiality.

The content was dense and detailed. Very relevant.

I found (the course) extremely practical and easy to follow.

As a non-lawyer, content was provided in a way we understand. Excellent experiences shared that provided practical understanding. The Handbook was a great resource.

I liked how it was multiple presenters so you really get a feel of different practice and perspectives. All instructors are so helpful and approachable and took time to explain everything. I liked how we discussed PC. We were also given tons of resources that will help a lot when we are practicing on our own. Overall, I’m really happy I took this course. It’s really tailored to everyone of different backgrounds...

This was an excellent course – probably the best course I have had in all of my Mediation and PC training. It was a very intense course delivered in a logical and progressive manner. For mental health professionals who are doing PC it is an absolute must. The thought of having to proceed with an Arbitration and delivering an award was intimidating in that I did not feel comfortable knowing I had full knowledge of the law and the process. With this training, I left excited about knowing the law, the process, and the procedures required in doing Arbitration as part of PC and Med/Arb. As a mental health professional I know I have more to learn about the law –especially in the rules of evidence, but this course directed me on what and how to proceed effectively. I am comfortable and looking forward to applying my knowledge knowing that if questions arise I know what to do and in doubt, I have excellent materials (workbook and book by R.Shields) to reference. I also have a network of peers I can rely on. The dynamic between both facilitators, Hilary and Richard, was excellent! Thank you.

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