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What is a MIT?

By Amelia Charles Riverdale’s Mediator-In Training (MIT) program offers hands-on learning, mentorship and supervised experience to students who have completed their family mediation training. Designed to qualify for the AccFM designation (OAFM), the program seeks to empower all trainees to become the best mediators they can be. The program is broken down into two phases: Through this experience, students learn …

Views from a Mediator-In-Training: Workshop on Determining Income for Child and Spousal Support

This short workshop was an excellent introduction for mediators and a great refresher for family law lawyers regarding the different sources of income and how they may affect income calculation for support purposes. The presenter, family law lawyer and mediator, Angela Princewill, was knowledgeable, friendly and funny. She did an excellent job presenting this difficult and important topic, from both perspectives, …