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Training Required for Family Arbitrators & Parenting Coordinators*

Family mediation and arbitration is an unregulated field of practice in Ontario. Although the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM) and Family Mediation Canada (FMC) have established high standards of practice, it is not necessary to obtain accreditation with either organization in order to offer family mediation services. The same applies to family arbitrators and parenting coordinators. Membership in the …

Navigating Mediation with Cultural Sensitivity – A Black History Month Perspective

As we commemorate Black History Month, let us not only celebrate the vibrant mosaic and diverse narrative of black history. Let’s consider the importance of supporting and fostering inclusivity in all aspects of FDR practice. In the field of mediation, cultural competence is paramount in ensuring a fair and effective process for our clients. By embracing diversity and pursuing knowledge …

A Personal Journey with Riverdale’s Asynchronous 10-hour IPV Course

By Riverdale Mediation alumni, Stephanie Kuiack My recent completion of Riverdale’s 10-hour Update in IPV and Power Imbalance Screening for Family Arbitrators & PCs has prompted me to share my experience with this fully asynchronous program. From the seamless website navigation to the engaging course content, my journey with this course has been nothing short of exceptional. Website Navigation and …

Screening – A Primer

Screening is a crucial part of any mediation, arbitration or parenting coordination process. For clients embarking on any of these processes, it is important to be aware that screening is not only important for the facilitator but also for the clients, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to be heard regarding specific aspects of their relationship or current situation …

Mediation Planning: What Makes For Successful Mediation?

Meaningful intake interviews and effective screening for power imbalances lie at the heart of family mediation. A complete and accurate assessment of the parties’ respective sources of negotiation power to help inform process choice is the most important predictor of successful mediation. The next most important predictor is the degree to which the clients (and their lawyers) are well prepared. …

Top Ten Questions about Screening for Power Imbalances and Domestic Violence in Mediation and Arbitration

1. What is “Screening”? Screening is a triaging process that has been used by mediators for years to help them provide safe and balanced mediations. The mediator meets separately with each party, before agreeing to take the case, and elicits specific information that will help the mediator “diagnose” their complex relationship dynamic. The main purpose is to ascertain whether bringing …

What exactly is family mediation?

Family mediation is like a stepping stone in a fast-running brook. It usually will get you to the other side safely and dry. But sometimes the stone wobbles and another stone must be tried. MORE

12 Stages of Family Mediator Moves

Our 40 hour Basic Family Mediation course is rich with useful content designed to teach the fundamentals of family mediation, including this helpful flowchart, which is an excerpt from those training materials: