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Agreement for Confidential Intake Meeting to Assess Suitability for Parenting Coordination


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1. The above-named parties each wish to retain Riverdale Mediation Ltd. for the purpose
of conducting a Parenting Coordination Intake Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is
to enable the parties and the Parenting Coordinator to assess whether the matter is
appropriate for Parenting Coordination and that it can be designed in a way that meets
the needs and goals of each party and their child/children: and to ensure the parties
understand the implications of the process should it be appropriate in their
circumstances. The intake forms provided by the parties before this meeting form part of
the Intake Meeting process.

2. Should this meeting be conducted using online technology, each party will sign the
Riverdale Mediation Technology Agreement before their meeting.


3. All information and documents provided by each party shall remain confidential between that party and the Parenting Coordinator. All information arising from the Intake Meeting process, including the Parenting Coordinator’ notes, the intake form, and the file, shall be used only the Parenting Coordinator for the purpose of assessing whether Parenting Coordination is an appropriate process for the parties and the family.

4. Neither party nor the Parenting Coordinator shall record any part of the Intake Meeting Process.

5. The Parenting Coordinator may, solely at their discretion, release some of the information provided by a party as part of the Intake Meeting process to that party’s lawyer or other professional retained by that party if doing so would, in the opinion of the Parenting Coordinator, assist them in assessing suitability of the matter for Parenting Coordination. No information arising from the Intake Meeting process shall be otherwise disclosed to any person for any purpose except as required by law. Such exceptions may include:

• Reporting a child in need of protection in accordance with section 125 of the Child, Youth
and Family Services Act; or
• Where the Parenting Coordinator believes on reasonable grounds that there is an imminent risk, to an identifiable person or group, of death or serious bodily or psychological harm, they may disclose such confidential information that is required in the circumstances to prevent such death or harm.
• Where the Parenting Coordinator is ordered by a court to provide evidence.

6. Neither party will Summons the Parenting Coordinator to provide evidence with respect to the Intake Meeting Process in any proceeding, nor will either seek production of any documents that were provided for or prepared in connection with the Intake Meeting Process (unless they are otherwise discoverable).


7. Each party has the right to withdraw from the Intake Meeting Process. The Parenting
Coordinator has the right to terminate the Screening Process in their discretion.


8. The fee for the Intake Meeting is set out on the Riverdale Mediation website and is
updated from time to time. All fees for Intake Meetings shall be paid by each party, in
advance of the Meeting, by online payment using debit, credit or e-transfer.


9. The parties waive any claim or right of action against Riverdale Mediation Ltd. or the
Parenting Coordinator for any matters arising out of the in good faith services provided
pursuant to this Agreement.


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