Before Scheduling an Appointment

  1. Please read the Terms of Online Family Dispute Resolution.
  2. Please be sure that you have completed and submitted the appropriate documents. Click here for more information.
  3. Your intake meeting: when you are ready to schedule your individual intake meeting, do so by checking the calendar (below) of the professional with whom you wish to work. You can then select the service (eg/ intake meeting), identify the professional and choose the date. You will be directed to pay your fee for the intake meeting using a secure payment portal before your appointment is confirmed. You will receive a notification of your confirmed appointment once the payment is processed.
  4. To schedule a subsequent meeting: (1) choose the service (eg/half-day mediation), (2) the service provider, and (3) choose the date. Our booking system permits both parties to schedule for the same date and time. You will be directed to pay your half share of the fee again, and your appointment will be confirmed once payment is processed. Note: we only accept payment in equal parts. If clients wish to pay in some other proportion, they will need to work that out between themselves.
  5. To pay a deposit: select the amount of the deposit, identify the professional and proceed to choose the next date that is available on the calendar for that person. The appointment will register as a deposit payment and you will receive confirmation of receipt.
  6. All payments are subsequently confirmed by bookkeeping invoices and statements.
  7. If you encounter any difficulties scheduling or paying on the website, contact us at 416-593-0210 or [email protected]


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We’re Here to Help

If you require assistance coordinating an appointment between multiple parties and counsel, kindly review the calendar of your chosen professional and fill out the form below. If the parties have lawyers, all counsel should check these calendars and coordinate the available dates with their own clients before contacting us.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Cancellation Policy

We do charge a cancellation fee for cancelled appointments.

The following cancellation policy applies to all cancelled appointments:

  • Notice of 48 hours or less:
    all preparation time, expenses/disbursements plus a full day cancellation fee.
  • Notice of 48-120 hours:
    all preparation time, expenses/disbursements plus a half-day cancellation fee.
  • Notice of five business days:
    all preparation time, expenses and disbursements.