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Since 2000, Riverdale Mediation has provided separating and divorcing couples with affordable family mediation, arbitration and, now, parenting coordination services. If you are separating from your spouse, we can help you negotiate a separation agreement that can keep your costs down, settle your case out of court and reduce conflict.

Family Mediation:

Family Mediation, also called Divorce Mediation, helps resolve child custody, child access, income determination, child support, spousal support, division of property, marriage contracts and other issues arising on cohabitation, marriage, separation or death.

Benefits of Family Mediation:

  • Lets parties control their own separation process
  • Is confidential, keeping the details of your separation out of a public court file
  • Can be far less expensive than litigation or even lawyer-to-lawyer negotiation
  • Allows parties to negotiate a separation agreement
  • Can reduce conflict and stress for you, your ex and your children
  • Can help promote a positive, long-term relationship between you and your ex. Research shows that children can suffer long-term harm, even as adults, as a result of separation-related conflict between their parents.

You do not need to have a lawyer to come to family mediation, but you do need to obtain legal advice before you can finalize an agreement.

Family Arbitration:

Family arbitration helps resolve child custody, child access, income determination, child support, spousal support, division of property, and other issues arising from your separation. Family arbitration is like selecting your own private judge who will make a final ruling on all outstanding issues between you and your ex spouse.

Benefits of Family arbitration:

  • Can resolve all separation and divorce-related issues
  • Lets you tell your story and make your arguments before a qualified private judge
  • Results in a legally binding decision
  • Lets you choose your own decision-maker and design your own process
  • Can be faster and less expensive than going to court
  • Is confidential
  • When combined with family mediation, lets parties try to reach their own agreement before the family arbitrator makes the decision for them.

Parenting coordination:

  • Helps parents resolve conflicts arising out of their separation agreement, arbitration decision or court order
  • Promotes better communication and decision-making skills for parents
  • Provides an effective process for resolving conflicts between parents
  • Allows parents to choose their own qualified professional

Our founder, Hilary Linton, is a former family and civil litigator and an internationally recognized leader in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), including family and civil mediation. She specializes in helping families in conflict during separation and divorce work together, in a safe, practical and effective way, to resolve the most difficult disputes. She collaborates with Elizabeth Hyde (a lawyer, family mediator, family arbitrator and parenting coordinator ). Both are certified dispute resolution practitioners as well as highly regarded international mediation trainers and mediation instructors.

We focus on cases involving separation, children, family and estate disputes, partnership conflicts, and elder disputes.

When choosing the professionals to guide you through this critical time in your life, competence and experience count. Work with our team at Riverdale Mediation — seasoned alternate dispute resolution professionals with backgrounds in family law — for a process you can trust.

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Many thanks for your very professional help in our very difficult matter. It looks like we are going toward an agreement and could put an end to the destruction of our families.

Our Services

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Family Mediation | Divorce Mediation

A voluntary, confidential negotiation process where the spouses or common-law partners work with a professional mediator to reach an agreement. Can be combined with Arbitration. (Med-Arb)

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Family Arbitration

Arbitrators act as private judges. They hear each side’s story in the form of written or oral evidence, and make a binding decision by applying the law to the facts. People choose arbitration when they need a binding decision made but do not want to go to court.

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Parenting Coordination (PC)

Parenting Coordinators work with parents who are unable to resolve day to day matters affecting the care or support of their children. Parenting coordinators enter into binding contracts with the parents to mediate and/or arbitrate whatever the parents cannot resolve themselves.

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News & Announcements

Article in ADR Update (Issue 99, Winter 2018)

Our article on "The Promise of Family Arbitration-Mediation: Is It Real"? is featured in ADRIO's recent Newsletter (Issue 99, Winter 2018, pages 15 & 16). "Med-arb fits nicely in the continuum of evolving conflict resolution processes that are being developed, designed and refined to respond to contemporary access to justice challenges." - Hilary Linton  

The Honour Symposium - April 20

Presented by Next Stage Conflict Resolution and supported by Riverdale Mediation, The Honour Symposium, is a one-day mini-forum scheduled to be held at the Stratford Masonic Concert Hall on April 20, 2018. The forum is designed to engage people in an innovative way who are involved in family restructuring and the support people who work with them (mediators, lawyers, mental health professionals, divorce coaches, etc.) and other service providers who are, or wish to be, supportive of separating couples through conscious, alternative processes that minimize conflict and encourage growth and optimum communication. We are one of the scheduled speakers at this event, speaking about "Domestic Violence Screening". As well, the symposium will feature an afternoon performance of the play, Honour, written by Australian playwright, Joanna Murray-Smith.  For further information, including the agenda, please view the event flyer.

Mediation Training & Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultating

We also provide in-demand Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training that leads to professional certifications as well as improved negotiation and problem-solving skills.